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Why there is a desire to learn to sew?

having Once again returned from " shop; Clothes for women without purchase, but with an acquired huge inferiority complex about the terrible figure of the 50th " size; (why to men - that is pleasant, perverts, perhaps?), with readdressing in " shop; Giant girls - shop assistants of model appearance (without body, that is), having become sad, became thoughtful. How long I will voluntarily give a reason for the critical relation to my not such and hopeless appearance, especially those whose opinion is deeply indifferent for me? Really I, having reached such tempting forms to the balzakovsky age, I will dare to feel like the unlucky person, a target, a little esthetic and unattractive for sellers of outer garments, for jokes? Well is not present!

1. I remember, at school at housekeeping lessons (which I did not pass!) at me both the apron, and a skirt, and a dress even print, it in the photo, and nearby who turned out? And, Kolka, he then wrote notes to me!

2. Walk on the ware market for a pritsenka - that, how much? Well there are my razmerchik, but why all sellers have identical goods and and that customer too already from a show-window has a blouse I am afraid that in our town will difficult identify me in crowd of the same ladies of the pleasant sizes.

3. And here " shop; " Fabrics;. In it is mute - disorders of a manufactory of various quality! For a priming - and pictures with models from this fabric (that model even brushes away to me), and a dummy as live, that brilliant rag on it looks so gracefully! And if on its place there am I? And in eyes at the shop assistant readiness to help with the choice. And here that rag from which it is sewed that accepted for me, but not a unique blouse from the market. Whether really it was Turkey? Or Small Arnautskaya was renamed too?

4. Pattern. It is remembered at school the squared paper and still some curves was necessary. I will go - to the girlfriend I descend, the skilled worker old, she has three daughters and she to a burdotek collects since those times when fashionable magazines only sold to members of the Politburo. Did not bring! Yes now them in each shop the whole regiments! And criteria of skill are specified. Also everything is painted, as for able to read only and not holding before a needle in hand. According to these descriptions, perhaps, even the cat of Frosya could update to herself a coat. The confidence in own opportunities increased extremely.

5. So, now we will look at a size table and we will decide on own dimensions. The next occasion to be proud of the uniqueness - here - as at model, and here a bit search. And growth pumped up Means, even find I in shop a suitable suit, hardly it would fit me like a glove! It is correct that I refused unpromising shopping at all!

6. Let`s include spatial imagination and we will estimate that jacket on ourselves. Not, not comme il faut! And welcome these trousers . Moreover with that topic! And to it that cardigan Something I on our streets did not meet it.

7. Everything, is solved, here in it I have to even look one size more graceful, I follow materials and accessories! Perhaps, at once from a velvet or genuine leather I will not sew, I will begin with what cheaper to have the right for a mistake, about first " pancake; you should not forget.

8. We will check material resources. So - the machine by inheritance got in good repair, scissors, needles, the iron - the minimum set in a full complete set.

9. Now to be mobilized, be gathered the production impudence which is urged on by desire to catch a jaundiced eye of one-dimensional aunts in the ware market and a question: Where took? and delighted smacking of wons of that judge fine And - not gods burned pots!!!!

10. There were rags? And if to combine them with that favourite daughter`s dress from which she desperately grew up? Yes just the remake turned out! And pleasure as from the favourite lost and again found toy! Ouch yes I!

11. The neigbour complained that the kidswear costs madly much. But each of us has in existence passive clothes, t. e also you will not carry any more, and it is a pity to throw out. And if this Klondike to let on a children`s garderobchik, what flight of fancy! Besides exclusive. And - zero material inputs.

12. And already then, with the saved-up experience and the gathered statistics, on grumble of the husband about the next unplanned expenditure of money for the solution of an eternal problem there is nothing to put on you can present the calculations, tables, schedules, charts proving your exclusive care of the family budget thanks to what his wife for at least twice smaller money at least twice more attractively, more self-assuredly also is more exclusive than all wives of his companions! How not to praise such clear head?!

13. And itself it is rightfully unreal the economical hostess of the house to the saved money safely go to beauty shop, to courses of motorists or a sit-round gathering with girlfriends in the fashionable bar. And at whom language will turn to reproach you with prodigality?

14. The daughter, have conscience! Your popular sizes pushed out me from shop on the street on the verge of a nervous breakdown! Look for there! And - and - and, you do not want to be as all Well, get in line, for me you will be!

Creative achievements to you, future Yudashkin!