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What do we know about holidays of lovers?

The fact that for happily in love every day - a holiday, it is clear. But there is a certain date which all those whom the Cupid`s arrow struck do not forget to celebrate. There is no story more sadly on light (well, except about Romeo and Juliette ), than the story about Saint Valentin who, contrary to a ban of the emperor Claudius P, crowned his valorous soldiers and rendered all assistance in love affairs. The priest Valentin was detained and executed for disobedience on February 14, and subsequently this date began to be celebrated as a holiday of All Lovers. There was still a love story of Valentin and jailer`s daughter, and the primogenitor modern Valentine`s Day cards the letter which he sent to the girl on the eve of execution is considered.

However there is a version that the original author Valentine`s Day cards there was a Duke Orleansky (15 century) who had a good time the fact that he wrote love messages to the wife from the solitary confinement. But anyway, since the 18th century, when Valentine`s Day cards and celebration of St. Valentine`s Day assumed a wide scale, to ignore such holiday it is considered love bad manners.

How resisted in some countries of the world concerning acceptance of this holiday with a mark We have the! all the same on February 14 in hands at young people cards in the form of hearts, flowers or small souvenirs steadily flash. The fact that this day is a champion by the number of weddings and registration of marriages - it is quite explainable. But, contrary to the established traditions, on St. Valentine`s Day the woman herself can solve the problems and suggest the man to marry. If groom is forced to refuse, he has to thank the lady for the done honor and present it a silk dress, and itself(himself) - a silk lace with a heart.

In my opinion, it is very convenient: On February 14 it is necessary to choose several males and to offer them conjugal ties. It will be in exchange possible to fill up, at least, own clothes, and for men so frightening bonds of Gimeney will unostentatiously be replaced by a silk lace. And here French, as always, do not waste time on trifles, and give not some laces, but the real jewelry on St. Valentine`s Day. By the way, the first entered at themselves Valentine`s Day cards French - with invariable love quatrains.

In general it is considered that the first man who met to the girl on February 14 has to to be her Valentin regardless of his desire. It is good that try not to remind of it, otherwise the stronger sex from fright would stay houses all this day. Which - who believed that if on St. Valentine`s Day the girl saw a robin, she will marry the seaman if she saw a sparrow, she will marry the poor and with it will be happy if goldfinch - for the millionaire. Well, whether you know - where we to you will find a goldfinch now? Here a sparrow - please, in the winter and in the summer a dime a dozen. And about will marry the poor and with him it will be happy Unfortunately (or fortunately who knows), an ideal of the love relations in a look paradise in a tent for a long time attracts nobody.

The custom was widespread in medieval England to choose to itself To Valentin . Several young people gathered, wrote names of girls on parchment pieces, put them in a cap and pulled a lot. That girl whose name dropped out to the young man for the whole year became it Valentina and it - it Valentin . Any unromantic approach to warm affairs, you do not find? It is good that this arrangement consisted all for a year, but all this time unfortunate spoiled child destinies composed to the girl sonnets, played her a lute and everywhere accompanied it. But it - in the Middle Ages, but modern British carried away in some other jungle: there now wish not only people happy Valentine`s day, but also favourite animals, for example, of horses or dogs.

For certain supporters of feminism will be in rage: presently Japanese turned St. Valentine`s Day in man`s holiday because gifts give generally to men: razors, lotions, wallets etc. Not really clear approach, but Japanese can recoup: this day event under the name " is held; The loudest love recognition . Young men and girls climb up a scaffold and in turn cry at the top of the voice love recognitions, but if it was not pleasant to the lady how her promised behaves on St. Valentine`s Day, I think, she can quite cry out instead of recognition to it something another.

And phlegmatic Poles of nothing shout to nobody, and on February 14 behave very grandly: make pilgrimage to the Poznan mother country where, on a belief, Saint Valentin`s relics are based, and over the main throne there is its wonder-working icon. Germans for some reason consider Valentin as the patron of mentally sick and decorate this day psychiatric clinics with scarlet tapes, and in chapels carry out special church service. Well, in something love and insanity, it is valid - twins are brothers but custom some sad

Now in general let`s talk about strangenesses of love and other holidays of lovers. In Russia there is Pyotr and Fevroniya`s Day - patrons of a family and marriage, and he is marked out on July 8. The prince Pyotr got sick with leprosy, and he was cured by the maiden Fevroniya who knew properties of herbs and was able to treat illnesses. The prince promised to marry it, but, naturally, did not keep the word - and got sick again. Fevroniya did not conceal the evil, cured it again and married it that he did not run away again and did not get sick. They lived long and happily and died in one day - on July 8. So Pyotr and Fevroniya`s day by right can be considered as the Holiday of All Lovers, as well as Surb Sarkis (Saint Sarkis) at Armenians who is marked out on February 13.

On a legend, the military leader Sarkis and his 39 courageous soldiers upon return from the next victorious fight feasted in the imperial palace. When the intoxicated soldiers fell asleep, the Byzantine emperor ordered to 40 girls to kill them. 39 girls executed the imperial order, however the last, having seen a courageous face of Sarkis, fell in love with him and instead of killing, the kiss woke him. Sarkis saddled a high-speed white racer, took with himself the girl in love and left the city. This legend forced lovers to consider St. Sarkis the patron.

In a word, the love triumphs - and it is not important, St. Valentine, the prince Pyotr, the military leader Sarkis or someone else inspires lovers to tell the most important words on light or to fasten himself with marriage bonds. As Beaumarchais, " spoke; in love it is not enough even too therefore it is possible to celebrate the St. Valentine`s Day, in fact, in any day. And is recommended to begin right now.