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What to drink in cold weather?

Sweet and fortress of mulled wine revive the person. Wine lights at heart magic fireworks of scintillating wit and pleasure .

Besides, punches and a grog long since were considered all-strengthening and even as cold remedies. However, these warming cocktails will be very opportunely and in a warm house situation, among friends and the family. Let`s begin to meet them.

Punch . Received the name from five components. Panch in different sources means five - in Hindi, Sanskrit, Arab or Old Indian To put it briefly, punch obviously came from the East. Here five of ingredients: wine, rum, sugar (honey), fruit juice (water or tea) and spices (cinnamon, carnation).

At preparation of punch it is important not to add hot water to rum or cognac, otherwise radio and aromatic substances disappear. It will be correct to dissolve sugar in hot water, and then to add rum (cognac). The made punch is usually warmed up to 60 - 70 degrees. Unlike mulled wine, punch will be good also cooled down; there are recipes where mix is required to be cooled.

Cognac punch. Cognac - 500 ml, juice of two lemons, hot water - 250 ml, sugar syrup - 100 ml, 2 circles of a lemon, cinnamon, a nutmeg, a carnation. To put a circle of a lemon, spice in the boiling water, to pour in sugar syrup and to boil 10 minutes. Then to pour the boiling liquid through a strainer, to add cognac, lemon juice, to mix and pour in cups.

Grog . Up to 1970 the portion of rum daily relied seamen of Royal fleet of Great Britain. Since 1740 obligatory half-pints (280 ml) reduced twice, diluting with water. Whether there was on that George III`s decree or the admiral Vernon itself made such decision - not so important. The offended sailors nicknamed " drink; grog - from a waterproof admiral`s cape - grogrem .

In a grog the ratio of one part of alcoholic drink to four parts of water is usually maintained. Often prepares on a water bath, and to giving temperature has to be not less than 70 degrees. Be careful with ware - better to take circles, glasses can not sustain.

Grog Dairy . Rum of 40 ml, milk of 100 ml, tea infusion of 100 ml, sugar syrup of 10 ml. To mix tea infusion with milk, sugar syrup and to warm without bringing to boiling, then to add rum. To give in a porcelain cup.

Mulled wine . From German Gluehewein or Gluehende Wein - the flaring " wine;. Occurs in cookbooks of the 16th century. The most democratic cocktail; prepares from red or white wine, spices, fruit, honey, lemon juice. For fortress it is possible to add to it vodka, cognac or liqueur.

Important rules:

1. At preparation wine should not begin to boil. It is possible to bring slowly mix almost to boiling (temperature of 80 degrees is recommended), it is possible quickly to heat and allow to be drawn, and still there is an option when spices are boiled in a small amount of water, and wine is added later.

2. From too high temperature ingredients will begin to break up and interact.

3. The cooled-down mulled wine cannot be warmed up repeatedly.

4. For lack of sticks of cinnamon it is possible to use ground, but mulled wine should be filtered. The carnation and cinnamon make the main set of spices.

5. It is possible to prepare a big portion of hot wine and a set of spices, fruit and sugar that everyone could make for itself(himself) cocktail to the taste.

6. The peel of fruit is often covered with a polymeric film therefore it is better to clear it.

7. It is the best of all to drink mulled wine from transparent glasses to enjoy fine color.

8. It is better not to exceed norm of 1 - 2 glass on the person in an evening. Hot alcohol works quicker, and from spices active agents are emitted. In the morning we still need the fresh head!

Mulled wine white. 0,75 l of wine, 100 g of sugar, 125 ml of water, carnation, cinnamon, 1 orange / lemon. To put in the enameled pan of 100 grams of sugar, two buds of a carnation, the cinnamon bark piece, orange or a lemon cut with thin slices. To add 0,5 glasses of water, to put on fire and to bring to boiling, to filter. To add 0,75 liters of white dry or apple wine, to warm up and drink hot.

you did not want to please the family with a mug of fragrant mulled wine yet?