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How to lighten itself mood change of a situation... houses?

Sometimes come home, inspect a look, and - it is boring Bothered There is a wish for something the house situation Became boring to

? There is a wish for changes, but repair is not planned?

How to lift to itself and relatives mood, having used a minimum of expenses and energy? Let`s look at

together what can be thought up.

We will slowly bypass the apartment, deciding what things and elements of an interior need under repair or constructive changes. The main thing - to begin!

For a start we will be defined, maybe, something irritates us especially strongly and long ago. The corner of this table constantly disturbs? To us the coloring of this sofa is already hated? Or the old mirror in a bathroom bothered?

We will look round around. Let`s feel mood of the room. How feelings? Perhaps, too officially, uncomfortably? And happens, so much furniture accumulates that the apartment reminds a labyrinth with twisting passes. Or from a set of the accumulated pictures - caskets - vases - knickknacks it is possible to go crazy.

So, in - the first, we collect will in a fist, and we begin to get rid

we Clean everything that causes in you unpleasant feelings, irritates, and completely bothered.

Is obligatory - broken, slovenly looking and useless (absolutely killed sofa, ancient self-made unclear shelves, piano). Be not afraid to throw out them: together with them from life many problems will disappear.

But Let`s leave favourite things. Those that cast pleasant memories are connected with some events, presented by darling. Perhaps, just - to change that?

For example, it is possible to replace an upholstery of a cozy sofa or to buy a new cape for a chair, beds. to Change

on an old wall accessories or to rearrange in places modules - already new, unusual look.

the Old dresser which got from the grandmother can be recoloured or restored.

Children`s drawings, photos - we will collect all this, we will organize an exhibition on a wall instead of the bothered carpet or a picture.

Even what we store from sentimentality - a card, charms, dry flowers, different trifles can be issued in a uniform frame and to hang up on a wall.

Such details which are often created by the hands and the imagination will transform our house, add identity, character. In the house which corresponds to your mood, temperament; in the house storing history of your family will live joyfully and comfortably.

Step of the second. We do shift. One my friend rearranges furniture, just to lighten herself mood. Also helps! However, the husband

So strongly is tired of it that remained, we will rearrange in a different way. It is better to measure, of course, at first the sizes and distances and for confidence to estimate on paper. We will spend energy and nerves less.

At this stage the incredible amount of dust, the got lost things (it is especially pleasant, if money) and in general garbage is found. An excellent opportunity for cleaning!

But when all this ends, and we, having collapsed in a favourite chair, with a pride we will inspect everything around, for certain we will hear from members of household - As well at our place!

I the truth - is really good!