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Who asks from us money on the Internet or whether to Give on a global church porch?

Which of us did not face on the street or in public transport beggars? Yes, begging - the phenomenon not rare. Why we in general help strangers? For example, why we give alms? At everyone the answer to this question. Someone sincerely sympathizes with foreign trouble. Someone is afraid to appear in a similar situation and you never know the reasons will be. Whether it is important to us the nobility, those who ask from us money are how truthful? Or main thing the fact I helped, I helped who warms soul and helps to think of himself as about the kind person?

The problem is deeper, than at first sight. To take, for example, parents whose child has congenital heart disease. The father and mother are not so poor that the kid starved, however, there is not enough money for operation. To go outside with a cap in hand, they, most likely, will be ashamed. To ask neighbors or the chief for the help - too. The Internet - another matter. Hello, I am your neighbor from below My child is sick, money " is necessary; - not everyone will be able to say such phrase and not everyone will help. What is more effective? To go on acquaintances, to stick announcements and to act in an air within only one city, or to ask for help of all country? Advantages of the Internet are obvious here.

Here several quotes from letters - requests: Just I do not know what to do. My mother has a blood oncology, money for drugs and for compensation of the nurse is very necessary. I am mother of two children and therefore I cannot give up work to look after mother who cannot go " any more;. Help to return home! Pecked on the announcement of prestigious and highly paid work abroad in due time and decided to go. Promised a lot of things, and as a result selected the passport, and it is necessary to do what and it is a shame to write about... From the family only the grandmother and the brother whom it is necessary to lift . I go on-line by means of the cell phone which if find, will be taken away too.

Some letters really cause sympathy, but for some reason the majority of them comes to the end not with a surname, the photo, the address and phone, but number of a purse. Reading such letters, you will involuntarily come across thought that most advanced beggars live in the Internet. Announcements meet requests for the help in a cyberspace more and more. For the purpose of collecting alms the websites, virtual " open; beggars place plaintive letters on own pages. Impressions are very dual. One business really to help the person who can look at least in eyes, and absolutely at another - to believe kilobytes which sent it is unknown who.

To cure psoriasis, to pay off with debts, to buy the apartment, rare drugs, an implant for increase in a bust, to repair the car, to make abortion or to let out a compact - a disk of own songs... - the number of variations grows every day. Today it is possible to find more than twenty portals for a cyber in the Internet - beggars and a set of personal pages of characteristic contents. Among them some websites are devoted to a beggary in general, and the others - cynical umolyalka . And, the majority of e-mail addresses are not active. There are no phones at all.

Really in all these letters lie? To be fair I will notice that approximately every fourth message contains not only numbers a web - purses, but also information on the bank account, the reference to an e-mail address and the house website. Surnames and phones come across much less often, but force to like the real trust to letters. Actually, it is very difficult to distinguish where here the victim of circumstances and where burned give - mafia . Possibly, the best confirmation - the scan - the copy of the passport, the certificate of an illness, the photo, a real name and phone, requisites of charity foundations etc. Before transferring money, check these data. Too offensively to learn that money received everything - the swindler. Try - call it to account, - especially if for you the concept ouch - pi - the address - hacker gibberish.

If your deception got money and it managed to be proved, then such actions will be regarded under article 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation Fraud . The maximum punishment - 10 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property. According to IFCC, the annual damage from fraud cases on the Internet exceeds 50 000 000 dollars, and these are only the official, registered cases. Real figures can exceed this sum twice.

Guided at the next reflections here such letter: Fall money for the moped!!! E258824420985 . That it is worse - the impudent requirement hear, you, it are shorter, type, give money or tear lie rescue my child, Martians " scoffed at him; - which the science fiction writer will envy? In the first case, though it is rough, the person tells the truth. In the second - deceives, manipulating our conscience.

But we will not rush from one extreme to the other, studying next virtual give . Not all these people sufferers, but also it is impossible to call all beggars and swindlers without grounds. Give - we will remember here what. Total number of Russians - 134 million people. From them nearly 6 million - the unemployed. In Russia more than 800 thousand addicts, 1,5 million alcoholics, nearly one million mentally sick people, about 370 thousand tubercular patients, more than 250 thousand HIV - infected are only officially registered and it is more than 22 million patients with a hypertension.

On the Internet there are also their entreaties and hopes. To dispel doubts, visit the website www. sos. ru. The vast majority of stories contain both a photo, and addresses, and phones. The policy of this website is designated accurately: Do not hope that, having entered an account number in the announcement, you right there will begin to receive the help, and it will be quite enough. Our website is created so that people who ask about the help could find the one who can help them. But the one who wants to help, is most often interested in that the nobility where also to whom there is its help. Therefore your contact phones and addresses have to be present at your announcement .

The most sad statistics looks so: today in Russia twenty six thousand children do not live up to ten-year age, and daily dies fifty babies. Possibly, these figures of statistics would be not so frightening if unfortunate parents would have enough funds for operations and drugs.

Whether it is better to give money to the alleged liar, than to deny just in case the assistance truly to the person in need? Everyone solves. But as if you arrived concerning beggars even if they virtual, always you remember Mother Teresa`s statement: The Greatest poverty is a poverty of heart .