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Whether it is possible to do in the train without opposite sex?

At numerous requests of workers women Russian Railways relieved those of a smell of men`s socks, man`s snore and persistent offers to drink for a meeting.

Girls - on the left, boys - to the right (that it was untempting!) - the main idea of new service for passengers of the railroads. It means that well-known initials M and will decorate not only a lobby of a rest room, but also tickets of citizens of our immense homeland. Experts hope that the innovation will get accustomed.

- And how to us to be? - will ask me lovers of man`s attention. - Not to be discouraged in any time! - I will answer you. An opportunity to choose the mixed compartment upon purchase of tickets remains. Besides lonely hearts, over the country both married couples, and brothers - sisters, and daughters - daddies travel about. Fortunately, registration of the ticket on new system does not demand any additional material and time expenditure from the passenger.

Separate compartments for men and women exist in the majority of the Muslim states, similar experience practices also in the European countries.

On roads old women Europe even trains where there are special compartments for negotiating ply. There are trains which are favorable for using, having the car. To them special cars - platforms on which personal vehicles are loaded cling. In Germany they are called DB NachtZug night train. It is especially convenient to use this service in summertime when highways are filled by holiday-makers and tourists. In the summer across Europe of such trains about 200 ply, and in the winter - is twice less. In total DB NachtZug night train connects nearly 30 regions of Germany, France, Italy and Austria.

The European local trains called regional generally consist of cars of the second class - separately for smokers and non-smoking. Their cars quite of a komfortabelna, are equipped with toilets and compartments for baggage, with soft seats and the washed-out windows. It is necessary to notice that places on such trains are not reserved as the trip takes usually no more than two hours.

On all other types of trains of the place it is desirable or it is obligatory to reserve in advance that costs 3 euros. Treat trains of average category such as InterSity or EuroSity. They connect the majority of the large and average cities of Europe and have already cars of the first and second classes. From regional trains of average category first of all existence of a bistro - for the rest distinguishes the same set of services.

The choosiest and rich can use class deluxe cars. In them each compartment has a shower, a toilet, a little table with chairs and a shelf with toilet accessories. Such cars have the two-level trains CityNightLine. They ply between Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For quite some time now such cars twice a week put to the line Moscow - Berlin.

The Russian experiment takes place in eight trains of the country so far: in the company train " Zhiguli; the message Samara - Moscow, in the train Nizhny Novgorod - St. Petersburg, and also in the trains going from Moscow to St. Petersburg, Kazan, Voronezh, Belgorod, Rostov, Bryansk.

It is clear, that not all Russian railroad workers supported this initiative. Vanity, efforts, danger of additional expenses (as in such compartments there will be for certain unoccupied places) distract from direct labor duties: solving of crossword puzzles, readings romance novels, guessing on the one who will be a new husband the next priest - stars

Eventually, the decision - to enter or not to enter separate compartments for men and women, will always depend only on will of " branches; - report at office Russian Railway . If the innovation is demanded, is not excluded that an opportunity to choose the fellow traveler will appear at passengers of all directions.