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What can be created at a plate and what for this purpose is necessary?

We are not cooks from capital letter, and our restaurant, not best in the world. Though, as nobility. Perhaps, at you, at you, the simple hostess, such charming product about which only you know cooks now, and nobody except your members of household will be able to try this masterpiece. Sometimes even as though absolutely incongruous products can create such gentle and pleasant taste that you can not expect it. And at times happens and so that it is possible to cook strictly according to the book, and is you will not become.

The main law in kitchen: be not afraid to improvise.

Therefore it is necessary to study, first of all, drawing up harmony of a bouquet of taste of products which are at hand. Here, probably, most important secret of mother`s borsch. It comes over the years. And, unfortunately, this ability to make harmony of taste wakes up not at all. But also, probably, not all aspire to it. For this reason many children say that the grandmother prepares better. No wonder, also you should not take offense at such innocent remarks of our children. It is important argument in order that in you the desire to prepare woke up.

And still, do not try to make in kitchen super - euro - repair. It is necessary that everything was near at hand. Create your cosiness. Be not afraid to move a sink, a zharochny plate. Now it is possible. These trifles: convenient flat dishes, cups, bowls, serving spoons, all this additional equipment in kitchen it is very important for preparation of a tasty dish. Do not pay attention to grumble of the husband. The main thing only that it did not pass into fanaticism.

It is not enough to make the list of products. There has to be one more list of what we have to have in kitchen, and there is no it, and we cannot prepare this or that dish. For example, the double boiler, a chugunok, a grill, a cauldron, a mortar and is not enough what else. These are not cheap things, but purchase single and necessary. So, do the list, and let it will be the small purpose. From each salary we save money and we go to it.

And now I will pass, actually, to those recipes of dishes which quite nourishing, and it is possible to be killed by them one day without starvation and damage to own mentality.

You bought sausage on sandwiches. There was one small piece which will obviously not be enough for all. Having rummaged around and having scraped a bottom of the barrel, we find sausages, the meat piece - almost main making " somewhere was overlooked; Solyankas meat at you on a table. Find still a tomato, a garlic glove. Instead of cucumbers also the kapustka fermented by you will approach.

Only dream up and if to chop all these meat products on small pieces and to weld, there will be a fine broth. And with what to fill it? Yes what is - grain and macaroni, as a rule, always are in prosperity for every taste. I still have a name from those still times for such soup where instead of sausage meat, cut on ringlets. Soup with kopeks - so his son called, and sometimes asks it to prepare.

Further, suppose, in the refrigerator a small piece of sausage and potato. Our concept about stewed potato is connected with a piece of meat. And what to do if it is not enough money, and to a salary put more to stay and night to hold on? We cook potatoes, small we chop this sausage there, we take onions, seasonings which are, and, probably, there is a lot of in each kitchen, on the heated oil, any, we fry onions and spices to taste, and all - gas station for potato is ready. Tasty, all are happy, is nourishing: and sheep are whole and wolves are full.

What to do with our children who are capricious when they see onions? No, you should not force it to eat. Just grate onions in mashed potatoes. It will not affect taste, and children with pleasure will eat. Still onions at first can be cut on large shares, and when the dish is ready, catch onions and wipe it through a sieve.

There are no carrots - it does not matter, borsch with sauerkraut can be cooked also without carrots, only before lowering cabbage, it is necessary to blanch it a little in oil.

Especially there is a wish to tell about the recipe read by me in the " magazine; Peasant which I bear on life, and all my members of household like it.

This dish Oat-flakes porridge is called . No, it not that you think. Not from grain Herculean. Namely Greek dish of gods.

we Cook simple buckwheat cereal, hard-boiled several eggs, and then we do gas station. In decent amount of vegetable oil small chopped onions are fried, further we add any seasonings loved by you. All this is fried to a golden type of onions. We chop small cooked eggs and everything is connected in a single whole, and carefully we mix.

So dare, invent, - it appears, to stand at a plate is very entertaining and interesting occupation too. Messages the economy is correct - it is the whole science and one of the main appointments of the woman as keepers of the center. You should not forget it. Then the family will be strong, and the husband will be happy, and everything at us will be good.