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Highly paid work is available to all!

Work are an integral part of our life. At work we carry out the third part from time which is released to us. And how we will live other two thirds depends on work.

Things are changing and, together with them, work changes. Earlier, when all of us lived in one country by the name of the USSR, any work gave us the chance to live not worse than the others . Now, when the system exchanged, the huge power and people much " broke up; took wild capitalism, work placed a clear boundary between certain segments of the population.

Someone can have a rest every year on Caribbean Islands. Someone hardly - hardly makes ends meet. Poor people with envy look at the rich, the rich look at the poor cautiously. Nothing from each other is necessary to both those, and others except as soon as to keep at.

There is also a middle class which not bad got accustomed between the rich and the poor. Still, neither to those, nor people from this class can be ranked as others, they quietly live and with might and main enjoy life. How at them it turns out?

Work! These people work for very good money, and only - that! Work grants them the rights and opportunities to do what neither the rich, nor the poor can - lead happy, full-fledged life!

The rich person (I mean our elite: oligarchs, large businessmen, the famous actors and so on) a lot of money has. But whether give it this money Freedom? No, do not give.

The rich person cannot go outside, do here so easily some shopping, go to the country or just sit on a shop in the quiet square. It is constantly followed by protection, he round the clock should be afraid for the personal security and safety of the family. Huge money, glory, popularity - all this attracts to it the mass of charlatans, swindlers, cheapskates and just negatively adjusted people.

The person poor is also deprived Of freedom as poverty is defect! Forget once and for all the old saying approving the return! It was thought up by losers and idlers that though somehow to justify oneself. Do not listen to them - they lie to you!

Poverty ties hands, it does not allow to live and develop normally. The poor person cannot fully disclose the abilities and, thereby, bring essential benefit to society. The lack of money poisons to a shower, ruins reason and morally decomposes the person. Never, it is never impossible to be poor!

You will tell, it is easy to tell and to make difficult? How to the person if he has no money to become suddenly the rich? It does not happen, you will tell.

And I will tell - happens! The poor should only very much want to stop being. Not all rich were born the rich! Not all scared together the fortune, having robbed the people! Not all!!!

But I do not urge you to become the new oligarch (though it is necessary to aspire to it, it is necessary!) . I want that you joined Middle Class and made it as soon as possible!

How it is possible? Yes thanks to the same Work! It is time to give up hard and tiresome work for pathetic pennies! It is necessary to look for and get highly paid job that the salary was enough not only for bread and a kilogram of sugar, but also on purchase of the good apartment, good rest there where you will wish, on beautiful and quite expensive things which you want to have!

Middle class of the population are the happiest people. They work, do not work too much, well live and have cheerfully a rest. And everyone can reach their level, it is only necessary a little, absolutely slightly - slightly, to try.

How to find such work? And how on it to settle? The main problem of most of our compatriots also consists in these two questions - they do not know where to look for and as it is necessary to settle! And learn they it - and it`s in the bag, money will begin to flow a mighty stream in a pocket!!!

I want that you remembered one: Employment - it is not as difficult as can seem at first sight. To get a job (I mean not simple work, but highly paid) everyone should be able literally and to descend the knowledge of this question! Without the necessary skills in respect of employment at any life will be full of unpleasant surprises and deprivations.

Only the one who knows how to find good work and is able to settle on it will live adequately and happily!