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How independently to make renovation?

I here it is yours! How many - that there square meters free from parents / neighbors in an area communal flat. Here you will live, raise children, to spend leisure-time, to receive guests.

Attentively you examine the dwelling: you quite accept its planning, engineering networks did not fulfill the resource, old windows yet the previous owner replaced metalplastic.

But here a general view at the apartment a little sad: wall-paper of deep brown color and in some places torn, and the ceiling forgot long ago what white color is. The show, you see, does not give joy, and you understand - it is necessary to refresh the apartment!

Constraint in finance does not allow to address yet experts therefore repair you decide to make with own hands.

Recipe of renovation:

to you it will be necessary for

For one portion (read, one room of 18 sq.m and ceiling of 2,80 m high) b:

of 72 kg of hard putty (at the rate of 4 kg on 1 sq.m);

of 2,7 kg of a primer (150 grams on 1 sq.m);


pallet the roller

a small emery paper

vodno - dispersive

paint of 9 rolls of wall-paper (the size 0,53 × 15,0 m) 2 packs of glue for wall-paper

a brush

a rigid brush

color scale to taste

A we of DIRT we are not AFRAID of

the First stage of renovation experts call

simply and optimistically: dirty work .

At first it is necessary to get rid of old coverings. Let`s begin with a ceiling. If as an old covering served limy whitewashing, the ceiling should be washed away a sponge. The thick layer of whitewashing can be removed the pallet, previously plentifully having moistened a surface with water by means of the roller. Then once again walk a sponge. If not to make it, then the new coat layer will badly stick to a surface, formation of bubbles is as a result possible.

Zamyvka of a ceiling - process very long and labor-consuming. Neck pains on two - three days after that are guaranteed to you. But you work for yourself and for yourself - remember this truth every time when you feel a special breakdown and enthusiasm!

When the ceiling is cleared, we pass to walls. We moisten our wall-paper of deep brown color with water and we remove the pallet. Under them the second layer, under it - the third and so on is found. Earlier repair was done quick, and wall-paper just glued over old: thus the apartment was warmed, but at the same time was created remarkable pylekhranilishche. Our council - you should not try to break at one stroke all this multilayered design which was created for years. Together with it also the considerable part of plaster can fall off. We work as the pallet gently and slowly: deleting old wall-paper, you delete also power of those people who lived to you here.


So, old coverings are removed, you shook off century power and dust deposits from the walls. However you do not hurry to paint a ceiling and to glue new wall-paper. Surfaces need to be prepared.

By means of the pallet we delete the exfoliated and leaky adjacent fragments of plaster. Then we start a primer. When soil dries, we putty walls - it is necessary for achievement of a plain smooth surface. Hard putty is applied in several layers, each of which needs to allow to dry out.

Advice to lazy: if you do not want to putty all surface of a wall - paste over walls with thick wall-paper with relief drawing.

And experts recommend to process a proshpaklevanny ceiling a small emery paper. It will allow to smooth roughnesses and will provide good coupling of paint with a surface. Here only when you will do it, do not forget to put on a gas mask or at least a gauze bandage and goggles the head: construction dust not only thing, tasteless, but also unhealthy for your health!


I here it is a high time for b to start finishing finishing. As well as possible is vodno suitable for coloring of ceilings - dispersive paint. The roller we apply it on a ceiling with the roller. Experts recommend to put one layer of the paint which is strongly divorced with water before coloring. Something will turn out like a preliminary primer.

And, at last, pasting by wall-paper. First of all it is necessary to choose glue correctly. Different glues are applied to different types of wall-paper (easy and heavy paper, vinyl and flizelinovy). In a large stroymarket the selling assistant will choose for you the most suitable.

It is the best of all to progruntovat a wall previously the glue dissolved on a third in water. Wall-paper by means of a brush or the roller we grease lengths cut with a small stock (the rest is cut off then on a plinth) with glue. The stock is necessary in order that it was possible to combine drawing.

By the way, pasting with an overlap is already Stone Age. Today wallpaper sheets are glued only end-to-end . It, of course, saves millimeters of wall-paper, but, unfortunately, on joints glue can act. From vinyl wall-paper it is washed away easily and without consequences. But if you work with paper - you should be the accuratest.

In a stroymarketa to you will advise to buy the small firm roller. Skilled people claim: in corners wall-paper is glued especially badly. Then you also estimate usefulness of such roller

Here, actually, and all. The apartment is pleasing to the eye new cosmetics : she looked younger for decades!