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How to form the reporting before the management?

Whatever position you held in the company, you should report on the done work to the management. And what your head wants to see from you? As a rule, you or know precisely what indicators interest him, or he carries out random inspection. I suggest you to order control and the reporting before the head that will allow you:

- to avoid duplication and double control (that still often meets);

- to reduce time for the reporting;

- to avoid control and the reporting in other time;

- to create the form of account and including to independently control the executed amount of works.

So, any report on the work done by you it is possible to reduce to the certain universal form containing the key parameters reflecting your activity. You, depending on specifics, can finish the presented form, bring in it new indicators.

Is passed to points of the report and data which have to be presented to them:


(The main are briefly specified significant for achievement of the objectives, facing department or the specific employee, events, actions, documents and so forth activities for the reporting period).

2. COMMENTS AND the RECOMMENDATION (The assessment is given to the work done for the reporting period, the reasons of non-performance of objectives are specified, offers and recommendations about further work are formulated).


(The resolved organizational issues connected with personnel of the organization: whether the staff, open vacancies planned for future periods, holidays, collectings and penalties, awarding and thanks is recruited).


- processes of formation of the income (whether big transactions are predicted whether decrease in a turn or increase are possible and why what actions are taken);

- processes of formation of expenses (the plan, the fact that it is cut down and so forth);

- processes of the account (whether new columns are brought in forms of account that needs to be changed in the form of the reporting).


(Who is a client? What value they will receive? Report on work with clients.)

- developments and maintenance of relationship with clients (as difficulties, the conflicts, problems work with clients);

- the number of claims and their short description with the indication of the taken actions;

- customer acquisition processes (that becomes to find new clients).


(What is made in the company to increase its value for the client?)

- developments and maintenance of the relations with suppliers (with whom there are problems what new appeared, the general information);

- innovative processes (that new is introduced in department);

- the number of tenders in which participated;

- the number of tenders which lost with the indication of the reasons;

- the number of tenders in which we participate (the description of the companies and a subject of the tender).


(What is made to improve skills of the employees?)

- on the human capital (training of personnel);

- on the information capital (new programs which are introduced, technologies and programs which need to be introduced);

- on the organizational capital (what innovations are undertaken in creation of interaction between divisions).

At the end of the report the full name, a position and date of formation of the report is surely put. Such report can be transferred to the head in the unpacked or electronic look, it can be discussed at reporting meetings and total meetings.

The reporting, in whatever look it existed in your company, is present anyway. The ordered reporting creates transparency, allows to see results. If your report is not ordered, create it at least on the basis of the presented indicators and provide to the head. I assure you, it will give you a set of additional opportunities!