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How it is correct to fill in the questionnaire at employment?

to Which of us were not necessary to look for work? Yes, perhaps, practically to everyone How many times refused to us reception: to someone once, to someone at all hardly it was possible to find work, and wanderings on various companies lasted for long months In what the reason?

Actually, their weight. Someone does not pass an elementary face - control (for example, clothes style and manners of behavior do not conform to requirements imposed by the employer), someone does not suit the organization in connection with insufficient experience or for other similar reasons, but many do not get a treasured job from - for the fact that they incorrectly fill in the questionnaire.

What is the questionnaire and how the employee of department of personnel works with it? Development of HR technologies and tools especially found serious application in the large companies (perhaps, that prestigious and highly paid work which you looked for). It, first of all, says that personalshchik (the qualified personalshchik), selecting employees, with bigger care approach the choice of one of all crowd of applicants. And to what first of all the attention is paid? Well, of course, on the questionnaire! (Why not always first of all that face - control - it is clear because often the completed questionnaire is given to the secretary and then the employee of department of personnel makes the choice.)

So, about the correct filling of the questionnaire.

1. For a start: never refuse to fill in the questionnaire. Many applicants refer to the fact that they have a summary, and it enough. Report that you have a summary, and you will pin it to the questionnaire. If the questionnaire is not required - will report to you about it.

2. Attentively check all questionnaire. Sometimes the questions located at the beginning have duplication, similar in informational content, with the questions located at the end of the questionnaire. It becomes intentionally with the purpose to avoid distortion of information provided by the candidate.

3. If you have a bad handwriting - write more slowly, but razborchivy. The specialist of department of personnel will not make out your handwriting and from hundred brought questionnaires - your questionnaire which is thrown out in a ballot box will not play a role at selection of the employee.

4. Pay attention to columns with filling of places of work. About what you are asked: to specify, starting with the last, places of work, or from the first. It is important. Do not forget the service record: if it is necessary to specify day - month - year, then it does not give you the chance to pass day just because you do not remember it.

5. If your employer actually was IP (individual entrepreneur), but he worked under a trademark, then specify at first a trademark (which, perhaps, is known to much), and then the legal name (for example, as in the service record). The same concerns, by the way, and Ltd company if a legal and trade name do not coincide.

6. When filling this category, perhaps, you will need addresses and phones of the organizations (the employer needs it for obtaining recommendations). Take with yourself these data.

7. Fill all fields of the questionnaire. Before passing the column or to put in it a crossed out section, think what can be written. The blank questionnaire shows your attitude to work in principle. Both filled in the questionnaire, and you will work.

8. If in the questionnaire it is necessary to express the opinion, a wish, the offer - write accurately and specifically. If there is opportunity - briefly. Avoid " waters;.

9. In questionnaires there can be a mass of questions on which you should give answers. As a rule, it is questions of your hobbies, of achievements and failures, of your plans for the future. In advance think over answers to them. It will allow to write and write correctly all is necessary. For example, if to ignore the column hobby you will show to the specialist of department of personnel the isolation as it is considered that existence of a hobby shows the person as the versatile personality.

10. Salary level sometimes is not specified in the announcement, and do not report to you about it at arrival to office. You are asked to write the expected salary level. Not to sell too cheap and to write the astronomical sum, look how many you stand, in advance. Compare your expectations with offers of other companies (often specify the amount of payment in the Internet), and put the price in the questionnaire. As a rule, it is contractual point and if you specify less or more, the employer will agree with you in the course of interview. Any sum specified by you has to be motivated.

11. If in the questionnaire any indicators on importance degree ask to range you, pay attention to what is the highest mark, and that the lowest. If the highest for the employer - 1, and you specified 10, you will be understood, but it will directly indicate your carelessness.

Besides stated above, certainly, there are some more nuances and subtleties, however, stated above - it is that paramount to which the HR manager also will pay the attention. Forewarned is forearmed! I wish to get really good job!