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How to grow up a kitchen garden on a window sill?

the Winter, a lack of the sun, feeling sick will help to raise a vitality to you fresh greens from the window sill, vitamin-rich and not containing harmful chemicals. Of course, now green vegetables are on sale practically in any supermarket, but they are far not so fragrant and tasty as house, and besides - to grow up ogorodik on the window sill very fascinatingly!

The green onions are simplest for cultivation in house conditions, of course. It is the simplest to expel him in clear water. On the capacity filled with clear water place a fanerka or a cardboard with openings by the size of bulbs. That onions did not decay, its collum has to concern water hardly. Growth of a feather can be accelerated if before landing to fill in material with hot water (45 degrees), to sustain 12 hours, then to remove a sodden peel, the dry tail in the top part of a bulb also should be cut off. Before emergence of backs it is desirable to change water in the morning and in the evening and when the feather - once a day appears. Besides, backs and ware should be washed out regularly under a water stream.

It is possible to expel onions and in a box with the earth - water should not be changed, and soil can be bought in any flower shop. Bulbs, without burying, put a collum on the damp earth. Before growth of leaves the box is kept in the warm, then put on a window sill. It is impossible to break off the first feathers of onions, otherwise growth of greens will stop.

The second easy way of receiving is fresher than some fragrant greens the vygonka of root crops of parsley and a celery is. It is possible to buy them in shop, it is only necessary to choose root crops larger: the celery has to have it a diameter over five centimeters, at parsley - more than two, and watch that the part of scapes on root crops was left, it will give you a guarantee that top kidneys are not injured.

Before disembarkation well humidify the earth. Land root crops ranks through six - eight centimeters with a small inclination and so that their top acted over the earth. If the root crop is too long for your box or a pot, the lower part can be cut off. Fill up each layer with soil mix. But do not powder top kidneys with the earth! deliver Pots or boxes to

for 10 days to the cool place, for example, on the warmed balcony. Water infrequently and not plentifully, only that the soil was rather damp. When the top kidney starts in growth, it will be necessary to transfer pots to a window sill or to a table near a window. In general temperature in the place where you will begin to hold a pot or a box, has to be 12 - 18 degrees. Now watering needs to be increased.

Water both onions and root crops moderately and you loosen with a fork the soil, then the crust is not formed and roots do not decay. And if after each cut to feed up plants liquid organic fertilizer (it is possible to use usual top dressing for houseplants, but it is better to buy special fertilizer for vegetables), then yours bed will work for a window one and a half - two months. Then roots, of course, are exhausted, but it is possible to land new root crops.

What to do if the root crop near at hand did not appear, or there is a wish to grow up green " vitamins; from scratch ?

In any specialized shop it is possible to buy seeds of parsley, fennel, a celery, cress - salad, a basil, a coriander and to grow up from them fresh greens. This way will take more time - seeds need to sprout still!

the Boxes or pots filled with soil of the " type; violets water with hot water, trample down a little, make grooves and seed seeds. The distance between grooves is usually specified on a package. In house conditions landing we a little zagusty. After crops, seeds powder with the soil a layer no more than 1 cm, do not powder small seeds of salad with the earth at all. That there were shoots quicker, crops water every other day, but twice - in the morning and in the evening with small portions of water.

After seeds sprouted, boxes water in a sunny weather every day or every other day, in cloudy - is more rare. It is time to cut off vegetables when greens reach length of 10 - 12 cm

For cultivation autumn - the winter period needs to be determined at the height about 50 cm over boxes or pots a luminescent lamp. If to make crops in February - March, the dosvechivaniye is not required any more.

Quickly to grow up parsley from seeds it is necessary to know small cunning - essential oils of seeds do not allow them to ascend quickly therefore before crops it is desirable to stand them about half an hour under a stream of flowing warm water (having turned in several layers of a gauze) and then, to wet for days.

Try, at you it is obligatory to turn out, and you have soon an opportunity to add fresh fragrant greens to any dish at any time, without leaving the house, and your window sills will be decorated with appetizing green bushes. Progress!