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On what to go to work?

Recently I entered the university, and before me there was a problem: on what to reach there? By tram long, on a minibus it is expensive, by bus I am not in time... As a result I decided to compare all shortcomings and advantages of modern transport. And I decided to publish results of my researches.

Bicycle. the earliest of the existing means of transport though in the 19th century it was used rather as entertainment. The average modern bicycle costs 6000 - 10000 rubles (full complete sets mean: several speeds, emergency brakes, shock-absorbers). Cheap it is also useful for health, takes a little place, in the conditions of big or, on the contrary, the small cities there is quicker than a car as much more passable. Shortcomings are that: too far you will not leave, you will not take away much, only the clothes protect from weather and often happen there is no place to put.

Car. As they say not luxury, but vehicle. Actually the most expensive way of movement: as a rule, the night parking of time in three is more expensive than journey in a minibus, I do not even mention about gasoline, repair and rubber. But you receive for money: warm and comfortable salon, free and fast movement on the city and out of it, and a heap of the luggage place. If you go the company, then all expenses pay off

of the Taxi. plus should not pay All conveniences of the car for the parking and gasoline, nevertheless, for one person expensively, especially in the evening or at night.

Motorcycle / moped. the Main advantage - the low price of service, and the main shortcoming - wind in a face, however, some buy the motorcycle only for the sake of it.

Bus. Warmly, chilly and cheap. Really for punctual people in my city the bus very convenient type of transport, but because of the small number of working cars, and low speed buses become very rare species of transport. Despite it - the bus often happens the only way to reach where - nibud on the suburb. To shortcomings low speed dobablyatsya.

Trolleybus. the Same as the bus, but only routes are considerably more limited. In some cities, because of the hilly district, is a main type of public transport, in a consequence of what in an hour - peak in the trolleybus it is quite close. Slow, as bus.

Tram. Cheap, warm and close transport. Goes at night, than rescues many. In the majority of the cities by tram it is possible to reach practically anywhere. In the tram it is possible to have a sleep, or to esteem without harm for health. For the school student - an ideal type of transport. For adults: the tram is not necessary in traffic jams! Though moves quite slowly and is not in time behind the schedule.

Share taxi. is cheaper, than the tram with change. Warmly and comfortably. The only shortcoming is instability: at night do not go at all, do not go to a frost, do not go to a heat... And in rush hour to wait a free minibus happens it is almost impossible.

Generally to choose the type of transport, it is necessary to porazdumat properly and to decide, what is more important: narrowness or fresh air, speed or price of journey... Choose competently!