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Who such Rastas and what is a rasta - culture?

Many of us met strange people with the hair weaved into something like the braids calling themselves Rastas. So who such Rastas and from where they undertook?

Initially, Rastas adherents of rastafariansky belief called themselves. The Rastafarianism as branch of Christianity, arose in Jamaica at the beginning of the 20th century. His founder Markus Garvi - the famous religious figure of those times is considered. Its organization - UNIA (Universal Negro Improvement Association) - was the main and most influential Black organization of those times. He preached the African theory of a statement of the Bible and the fact that Jesus was black.

At the same time the church of garviit (The Garveyite African Orthodox Church) was created, it then totaled more than 3000 parishioners on 3 - x continents and fought against colonization of the countries of Africa, such, for example, as Kenya. Big role in Markus Garvi`s formation as the religious figure was played by his predictions that release will come from the East and the fact that Hayle Selassiye I (Tafari`s Races) who is considered as the descendant of the tsar Solomon and the queen Savskaya ascended to a throne of Ethiopia (Ethiopia - according to the legend the Holy Land from where there was all mankind). Markus Garvi`s followers considered that the Jews described in the Bible were actually Africans, and the Bible was initially written in Amharic (official language of Ethiopia which do not speak more in one country of the world) and only then is translated to Hebrew.

Though yamayets also received hope, but the situation of that time everything is held them on the place. Their freedom was only the words far from reality written on papers and Jamaica in fact still remained the British colony. Plus to it as repatriation was one of the main ideas of Rastafarianism, i.e. return of all Africans from the New World home, it gave rise to disagreements with the government. Further, after persecution on Rastas from the authorities, all this developed into very cruel street dismantling that impaired a little reputation of Rastas who in general always opposed violence in any form. After that, is closer to 60 - m to years there was reggae music which presented a rast - culture from absolutely other party. Rastas had a new prophet who in Jamaica is still considered by god`s voice - Robert Nesta Marley.

Its birth, as well as his life, connect with the uncountable number of various mystical events. Bob Marley was very unusual and picturesque figure. It, one may say, opened this culture for white people. As it was black only half (his father was Englishman, and mother from Jamaica) he constantly placed emphasis that the reggae is not only music black or music white, and the fact that he will unite the nations and will destroy Babylon .

The concept of Babylon in a rast - culture is considered as follows: all of us initially are born in a cage, but we get used, we mature and cease to notice fetters which do not allow us to be released. We are forced to live as solve for us politicians, we have practically no option (we can choose only in trifles), and we always equal on the stereotypes established by the same politicians, getting used to them and considering as truly veracious statements. Bob Marley preached in the songs that if to cease to drive people into any framework, life will be adjusted, and people will be able to be defined how to them to live. He considered that laws give rise to crimes etc.

Musical activity of Bob Marley also gave rise certain rastamansky sub - culture. As its music was popular in many countries, including European, the youth which fell in love a reggae began to adopt some details of clothes, a hairdress (dreadlocks) etc. Even now much where it is possible to see attributes from a rast - symbols: it is red - is yellow - green colors, the image of the Ethiopian lion, Hayle Sellasiye I, and people who adhere to such style. As a rule, these people are far from rastafariansky belief and heard about it not so much.

One of the main rules of Rastas - rastafarianets - not to try to turn people into the belief. It is considered that the person can come or not come to it. The understanding of it occurs by means of marijuana (in a rast - culture wisdom grass ) . In Jamaica marijuana is called by Brain food (food for brains). On a legend, it for the first time grew on a tomb of the tsar Solomon who was considered as the wisest of wise. According to Rastas, marijuana helps the person to come to god and to really understand this world.