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May we expect the future?

everyone can Foresee the future. You too. In vain you do not trust.

For example, you with absolute confidence can declare that if very long to hold the heated poker in hand, then inadvertently it is possible and to burn. However, you will not shake people around by it. To cause delighted whisper, it is not enough to issue to listeners the exact forecast of the future - it is necessary still to be able to make it beautifully and mysteriously. Therefore patent magicians and sorcerers with the license are forced to advertize themselves effectively. They wear east dressing gowns, tousle eyebrows, buy crystal spheres and get black cats, despite a persistent allergy to cat`s spirit.

You this rubbish to anything. You can learn to look in the future without excess pathetics - both in scenery, and in methods. To what excess vanity when the future can be foreseen also easier ways based on logical conclusions and possession of the necessary information.

Whether long I will live?

Researchers of National American institute of health care examined 6000 men aged from 45 till 68 years, holding testings for force of their hands - examinees had to squeeze out manual expanders. In twenty years these materials were lifted and the institute decided to check a state of health of this group. Results turned out stunning - that surveyed that in twenty years showed a good grasp before, now were the healthiest and strong. Those whose results were the lowest, mostly did not live up to repeated research. Physicians drew a conclusion - the fortress of muscles of hands can serve as the right indicator of health of the person.

So, meeting the person, you, having hardly shaken hands with him, can already draw conclusions on a state of his health and probable life expectancy. And itself do not neglect exercises which develop these important muscles.

This person tells the truth or lies?

In some American detective agencies the hidden method of check of the client " is; on pediculosis old chair. The cracked and strongly creaking chair then the agent conducting conversation listens not so much to answers of the client how many he of the indication of a chair which creaks the more furiously than more is nervous sitting on is offered to the visitor the person is mute. Start such unit at the office and you will be able to use it as the lie detector in case there is a need.

Whether there will be I bald?

in principle, now bald to be fashionable. But if you all - are seriously concerned about prospect to lose a head of hear, then can attentively consider roots of the hair. If at the basis of a hair the dark thickening and a microswelling is visible, it is a sign of the fact that the bulb is in bad condition and if not to take urgent measures, it will die off soon. The more bulbs have such appearance, the it is rather necessary to begin to take protective measures.

Whether there will be a rain this afternoon?

signs which indicate that it will occur Are. With the known degree of probability:

1. On the TV say that the rain will be - 50%

2. On the TV say that the rain will not be - 50%

3. Birds fly low to the earth - 60%

4. The night before the sun sat down in crimson clouds - 60%

5. Since morning plentiful dew - 70%

6 dropped out. The neigbour Olga Vasilyevna left for work with an umbrella - 99% (1% - it incurred it in repair shop) whether

Will fall my plane? Is not present

. The real chance to get to plane crash for you as for the average person, makes one on several millions, that is is almost unreal.

What turn will approach quicker?

should solve the Problem of the choice of the correct turn, proceeding from a situation.

is better to get in a Queue in grocery store that where there are more men - men usually buy smaller quantity of products, than women.

In waiting list for passport control or on customs at the airport, it is on the contrary better to choose female " option; - men are exposed to check more often.

May I expect the future?