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How to save up money for the child? Many parents even do not suspect

that from 14 years their children can be businessmen: to register the enterprise, to be cofounders, to open the bank account and to dispose of money. From a consent and under vigilant control of adults: parents, adoptive parents, trustees.

But where to take the teenager money? It is possible to sell on days off of the newspaper, and it is possible to be arranged to work in the father`s company - both in the first, and in the second case those parents who since the childhood accustom the child to work are right. Though they have to be ready that there will pass a lot of time before, having spent a great lot of money for cinema, ice cream and computer games, the teenager learns independence. Also those who give to the teenager the considerable sums on pocket expenses make a fatal mistake. They can be used with bigger advantage.

To save up money together with banks

In many banks anyone, but only after approach of 18 years can open the deposit account. And only some bankers agree to provide services to teenagers. But deposit contribution To majority also parents of teenagers can open. For a year and every year to renew or sign the contract for several years at once. Both parents, and children can use a contribution on occurrence of majority of the child.

And the bank in addition to a contribution opens a plastic credit card addressed to the adult and the child. Thus, since 14 years the teenager can independently shop by means of a card and to be responsible for the expenses. (In the USA and in countries of Western Europe practically all use plastic credit cards).

Wealthy fathers and mothers who are able to afford to give daily to the child decent pocket money should pay attention to children`s deposit deposits from which it is monthly possible to remove percent. For this purpose it is necessary to open in bank a plastic card addressed to the teenager.

And that parental money was not lowered in one day, banks offer certain levers of control: the concrete sum of one purchase, quantity of the cashed money, the sum which the child can spend in a month. Or the SMS - the message on the mobile phone of parents on each purchase of the son or daughter.

Training and housing to majority

Other exit - to open a deposit contribution addressed to the child. Anyone can open the account (even not the relative of the child), and the size of an initial contribution does not matter. It is possible to fill up a contribution also in any size, at any time and any convenient way, for example, on transfer. And, by the way, in the latter case money is exempted from many taxes, including obligatory pension and social insurance (that is provided by the Law About a tax on the income of natural persons ) .

And here only parents irrespective of who opened the account, and only in their mutual written consent, and also with the permission of tutorial council can dissolve the contract. The fact of cancellation occurs with the assistance of tax authorities which in each case define: whether it is necessary to raise taxes on this sum of money or not (certainly, from those who dissolve the contract). And for cancellation of the contract mandatory commission fee is raised. The difficult scheme is thought over not incidentally: children`s deposits are calculated not in order that with their help to disappear from taxes and to help children to become as soon as possible independent.

From 14 years the child has the right to use this contribution for training payment, and on reaching majority - to acquisition of housing or payment of rent of the apartment. But, according to the contract, it will be able to use money only in a non-cash form and only on payment of housing or training.

If the bank ceases to exist, parents will get refund - these means the bank has no right to use for implementation of the obligations to the third parties. They are given to authorized bank.

There is one more interesting children`s program - a children`s contribution Housing to majority . There are no restrictions neither on the sums of investments, nor on terms usually. But " program; Housing to majority tax benefits are not provided. According to terms of the contract, only the child, but not earlier than 18 years can dispose of money. And he will be able to withdraw money according to this program cash.

And how in the West?

In Germany provident parents open for the children the deposit account from 9 years, and transfer money for pocket expenses and acquisition of school supplies. The German child receives the first passbook (Sparbuch) on hands in 12 years.

And in Great Britain children have the right, certainly, with the consent of parents to open the bank account even earlier, in 6 years. And with own hand to postpone there pocket and gift money. For example, annual percent on a special contribution Ladybug in the English bank Saffron Walden Bs to the western measures very much even decent - 4,55%, and the minimum sum of a contribution - 1 pound.