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Whether you are fair? Around everything sang

and exulted!

Was joyful and cheerful at heart. Joyfully birds sang, the courageous sparrow flew by, having touched head hair, and from it it became for some reason more cheerful at heart The sun a star is bright and warm, drying up just formed pools. In air that unusual feeling of freshness after a rain was felt. Even habitual cars hooted somehow unusually amicably and cheerfully.

Everything rejoiced to the termination of a rain and cold around. At last that began

the real, warm summer I went home, the smile as - as if stretched on a face by itself, and, probably, my pleasure was told passersby, and, perhaps, they also felt the same, as I. But passing

by a stop, I saw the man of years 50 - ti, very similar to my late uncle. Everything fell inside that fervent chirping of sparrows was not heard any more and smiles of passersby were not visible. I whispered is hardly heard Kingdom to it heavenly - having reflected - and whether it there? Whether it is based upon heaven? As if I it wanted

as I want that it was in paradise

the Uncle Vasya was, probably, my most beloved uncle. It carried to us sunflower seeds, candies, lollipops. He called me the scullion when I prepared at the dacha, and I remember awful pride of what early learned to prepare of

Still I remember his face: little strogovaty lines of eyebrows and kind eyes, pure (children of all notice pure eyes), it was very high

It often walked with me and with Sasha, went with us to the beach and brought us other children`s pleasures We with Sasha it adored

and were jealous him to each other. If he went for a walk with someone one of us, then on the sister an awful and secret grievance which otmshchatsya by all means was nursed.

As that time I heard a quiet conversation of mother with my aunt. In this conversation there was some mention of the uncle Vasya, and it (perhaps, in a semi-joke) called a black sheep in herd . They, by the way, never and spoke nothing bad about it at us, knowing that we it is crazy about it. But mother did not know that I hear their conversation.

Then I learned that he drank. Sometimes went to hard drinkings. Of course, who in Russia does not drink All need to drink. But the uncle Vasya could not drink! If you thought: why could not? you do not remember yourself in the childhood! It was for me ideal, and any addiction could not be peculiar to it at all. But the harsh realities of life nevertheless go on: drank. And on that there were reasons as there are reasons on everything in this life.

By the way, we often eavesdropped on conversations of adults, especially Sasha, always liked to do it of the extremely unhealthy curiosity. To it everything was curious in this life. Curiosity is peculiar to any child, but Sasha went separate article She constantly got into some crapes, went where - nibud with unfamiliar uncles either gorged on tablets or are gray from matches, or sank in a well (besides many times), or still something sotvoryala . And as soon as it began something will create I at first warned that it is not necessary to do it, then went to mother with the report where and with whom and that is done now by Sasha. On what mother screamed or threw up hands and ran to rescue the daughter.

always managed to be saved From its all alterations by miracle, and she survived and is healthy

Only time to me it was not succeeded to prevent trouble

to the Brother was bought vozdushka ! It was the whole event!!! We with Sasha ran around the father and Pasha and asked to do some shooting. To us allowed to shoot on trial two times Oh, how many happiness we tested then how many bright feelings! The child tests euphoria from the weapon in hands not from the fact that he can kill someone and not from - for imaginary feelings of the power. If it has in hands a loaded weapon, so it already big, can do that wants, and from it short-term feeling to it it is joyful though the adult he cannot remember any more why and why so was, but it is one of the brightest feelings

that ill-fated evening we ran about Pashka with joyful shouts, derganiye and others dostavaniye . He sat on a penechka important, with arms akimbo, and around him the children crowded and ran. However, not only the children, were also the girl of rather respectable age (in comparison with the others). To Masha was years 18. but, despite the age in stickings to Pasha it to us, small children, did not concede. Thanking to it also took place that event which more changed all further life of Sasha and in smaller all our family.

Mother called us home. We brought our younger sister, minutes one and a half and as soon as mother left more sat, than on 10 meters, escaped to Pasha again. After a while mother, having found out that daughters of the house lack, against usage, again followed us, and tired out home. We came, it left on a kitchen garden what Sasha right there reacted to, having escaped on the street, I stayed at home. I do not remember

Any more what feeling forced me to follow Sasha to give it home, anyway it was overdue

Ya left the house and went on the lane. Twilight was condensed. Having reached a half of a way (however, the way was not such long, about 50 - ti meters), I heard a shot. In the head of me flew There now, and promised that will call when begin to shoot . Actually, Pasha promised that when begin to shoot, we will be called, and will give still a time to shoot. For offense I ran 25 meters for several seconds, but the regret was replaced by horror! Sasha had

a bloodstained face, she loudly cried, all crowded around, shouted something about ambulance. I do not remember shouts, I remember only Sasha My God!

Ya I do not even remember who carried it to hospital, later some time or at once. I only remember that I was afraid to approach, only not to cause to it excess pain. Bol at it, has to be, was intolerable I remember that she cried and shouted. My God, poor, poor Sasha Still I remember that restrained not to begin to cry, and then roared an okolonashy fence. Ah, as she suffered you cannot imagine it. And I too.

did not take to bring Me it to hospital, I stayed at home.

U I was wild desire to help it, but I did not know how? I remember blood, tears, Pasha who was kneeling about the images, then Pasha was replaced by the father. I prayed for Sasha too. I know

Ya that it when the small child knows, perfectly knows that it can lose one of the most expensive beings on light now, but that it when you know that you can die now, and all others say that it is just scratch probably wishing to calm it in ten, no, one thousand times worse!!! Poor by

to me then it was not fallen down, but I fell asleep by the morning and what was with Pasha who felt the guilt that he happened?!

felt awfully sorry for me for Sasha and Pasha. I cried


Sasha underwent the most difficult operation. Life to it was saved by God, not differently, and doctors spoke. The bullet got stuck in some small stones about the brain. It was impossible to pull out lead from the head. An eye, naturally, disappeared

In chamber at Sasha I was several times, not because did not want to happen there but because or did not let. Or it was necessary to stay at home but I on the with own hand saved money bought by it gifts and sent with the father to hospital. Mother lay all this time with her.

How many this gun subsequently destroyed brought to our family. Only since morning to it rejoiced, and by the evening, by means of the woman, it nearly became the murder tool seemingly harmless gun shooting in fraction in the woman`s hands anything becomes frequent smernonosny and often rejoice to opening, mnimo useful, and then they become the reason of destructions and death. still to you it is probably interesting to

I to know how everything occurred? Simply, as always from - for the woman Just that overage Masha struck from all the maiden nonsense the loaded gun which at this moment Pasha had in hands, and Sasha only turned out in 2 - x meters from the pasha. The gun shot all of us very much endured

that summer about Sasha and it seems to me that I, by the impressionable nature, endured most (which feeling, of course, is deceptive)

I as that we (I, the father, and younger sister) went to a sachet to hospital, to poprovedat it. Towards to us the uncle Vasya as I learned later got, he was or morning after, or pyanenkiya. It bent, proshetat something to the father what the father refused to it. In the evening or next day I learned that he asked money as a loan, on vodka. As I was indignant!!! Internally I condemned him, it is more for what he can drink when we have such mourning! And, of course, stated all this aloud, to it. It is only possible to present that he then felt

Perhaps, to me there was no place to put internal emotions, experiences for Sasha and therefore they were thrown on the uncle. Indignation inside just boiled! I for the first time condemned him for something, and me oppositely and it is a shame to write about it now.

Then I saw it last time In 5 days prior to my birthday he died, died

Neither I, nor who - or another still does not know the reason of his death. Mother told that his face was disfigured. In a morgue told that he died of an alcoholic poisoning. But at the same time things in its apartment were not. However, me then had no time for the reasons of his death. I was tormented by conscience.

Conscience - the terrible weapon It can infinitely torment. My shame that I so badly dared to think of it, to forget at once all that it for me made good, for me and Sasha. And still, as soon as I see the person similar to the uncle Vasya, very much I am sorry about the nature nasty that I last time when I saw him, did not tell him anything good I am sorry about much Now I wrote

about the first case, children`s, the most naive, and, in fact, can be and silly. Let this article also sound childly, but to children often it is worth listening. In fact, without pondering upon itself, really nobody ever shouted, offended the loved one from - for rage on someone another, on himself. Try to be kinder, people! You remember: the person whom you offended today can not become tomorrow.