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What secrets of preparation are hidden by potato?

Potatoes are irreplaceable ingredient at preparation of very large number of dishes. From them the most widespread and most favourite Russians are: mashed potatoes, fried potato, potatoes the boiled, baked on a fire or in an oven, potato baked puddings etc. And also there are a lot of dishes where potato is used as a compound component of a whole, for example, the majority of soups, some salads.

It is unconditional that the skilled hostess has secrets and subtleties of preparation of each dish, and of that who prepares infrequently and cookery especially is not fond, my councils will be able to help. They very simple and to many people are known for a long time, and, nevertheless, a beginner culinary specialist will be able to gather from them a lot of useful.

When cleaning potatoes needs to cut off very thin layer as under its peel there is the greatest number of nutrients (potatoes are rich with mineral substances, generally potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and in a smaller measure - sodium and iron, contains minerals - silicon, bromine, iodine, manganese, aluminum, zinc, etc., it is vitamin-rich, especially C).

It is desirable for span not to use the become green and sprouted tubers as they contain harmful substance - solanin. If the decision was made, despite everything, to make such potatoes, then it is necessary to cut off a peel a thick layer and to carefully remove all eyes.

New potato will be easier cleaned if to put it for a while at first in hot water, and then in cold or it is possible to take 15 - 20 minutes it in the cold added some salt water.

it is, as a rule, more convenient to span to clean Potatoes a small knife or a special knife for cleaning of potatoes.

From white potatoes mashed potatoes, from yellow - soup are the best of all to prepare, and pink - to fry.

the Cleared potatoes tubers from contact with air darken, lose vitamins. Therefore they need to be put in cold water, but for a while as in water potatoes lose a quantity of starch and vitamin C, the pulp grows coarse.

Potatoes should be cooked in a small amount of water, no more than a half from the volume of tubers, and it is couple even better, then it loses less vitamins. Potatoes are put in the boiling water and cook on moderate fire, the pan needs to be closed a cover. If fire is strong, potatoes will boil soft outside, and from within will remain crude.

Potatoes of some grades boil soft and become impregnated with water. That to avoid it, it is necessary to merge water approximately in 15 minutes after it begins to boil, and, having closed ware a cover, to cook longer contents on weak fire at the minimum quantity of water.

That potatoes did not boil soft, it is possible to add when cooking to water of 1 - 2 spoon of a cabbage or cucumber brine.

That potatoes turned out more tasty, it is recommended to add at its cooking to a pan of several garlic segments cut in half, it is especially actual for preparation of mashed potatoes. Also bay leaf and any other spices on your discretion

If potatoes cook in a peel, then in it all set of vitamins and mineral salts remains. However, if potatoes old, become green or in eyes, it has to be cooked only cleared.

That mashed potatoes were magnificent, add to it oil and, gradually adding hot milk, shake up.

Potatoes are fried on strongly warmed frying pan and salt it when slices are reddened from all directions. If to salt potatoes before the crust is formed, juice from it will flow out, will mix up with fat, slices will get out of a shape, color and taste.

Fried potato will well be reddened if it previously slightly to sprinkle with flour.

Potato patties will be magnificent if to put a little soda in them.

That grated potatoes from which fritters will prepare did not darken, it is necessary to pour in it a little hot milk.

Now when everything, become interested in this article, some bases of preparation of potatoes are known, it is a high time to put the gained knowledge into practice.