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The love is a genetic engineering?

the Ancient Alsace proverb say: Make happy at least one more woman, except mother. Bring up at least one more man, except yourself. Create at least one more world, besides, which surrounds you. Only then you can tell - I took place .

These words describe mission of the man in this world. And similar examples and at the different people it is possible to find much in different cultures. There are centuries, but the role of the man in a family and in society remains almost invariable: - make, bring up, create, has to take place.

A lot of things depend on conventions and on a life situation. But the fact that the man in this world - for commission of acts, remains indisputable.

Make happy mother and the wife. Do not make happy with the presence and the benefits - namely, make happy.

Bring up yourself and the son. Do not humour and do not cherish vanity. Namely

Create the world, without having torn down available. Do not invent and do not wish - and create. And then - you will take place as the man.

Very serious subject, and at all not for empty reasonings. But, comprehending mission of the man, you notice that in it there is no love at all. Other tasks, other functions and other aspirations. Means - the man is some basis, a basis for the possibility of existence of life, love, a family And all the rest. But only Other Alsace proverb tells

: The Man is always right, and the woman - is never mistaken .

That is - on the man lies responsibility freight always to do right thing, and on the woman - exclusiveness of the choice.

We will try to throw thus the bridge to the immemorial antagonist of men and the purpose of his existence. To the woman. Also we will be consecutive. What will tell us ancient free - the German wisdom already concerning women? Spare the life to the man, present new life to the world - so you learn that means to love. And - you will be loved for it .

Here is how. Mission of the woman. It is no more and not less. Grant, present, you learn and you will be Sacrifice and at the same time object of an orientation of all acts of the man. And here - quite appropriate to approach concept of love as essences of relationship between the man and the woman.

The man - creates, and the woman - gives. Also arises But somehow it is not poetical at all, the ordinary concept arises. And so there is a wish to tell beautiful and sublime words about love. Which already millions of times sounded, inspired on feats and sufferings.

can Quite be that such impression arises only from manifestations of love. Two met. Passion, madness and pleasure.

There is such theory that each individual - no other than the carrier of a certain gene information. And the program of development of own gene structure is possible only with detection as much as possible of the best combination of genes in the posterity.

is simpler. The set of genes of the man looks for such set of genes of the woman that their descendant got the best of both of them sets of genes, and became even better.

I this process is not subject to consciousness. Instinctively, inspiration, I feel .

To each other - conducts us smell genes. And as: the man - the creator, the woman - granting. Yes. In total quite so. The creative set of genes of the man demands the granting set of genes of the woman. For reproduction of a new set of genes in which there will be characteristics of both parents and The following step in microevolution. A reproduction - instinctive requirement of everything living.

So it turns out? Ordinary genetic engineering? Selection? Natural selection? Yes and no. We cannot oppose to the natural mechanisms put in a fundamental principle of our existence. But our reason gives us the chance to dispose of the life at own discretion.

Someone does not need to bring up himself moreover and the son at all. And it is absolutely unnatural to someone to grant itself some It is possible to slow down quite consciously in itself aspiration of the gene set - to find an ideal combination for development of life on the planet. Also it is possible to deny artificially the accessory to creating and granting . But then it is not necessary to grieve for hopeless search of love Someone also will find

advantages in such development of a plot of the life. And some - will want to test gene storm emotions and feelings, will also go on call of the mission. Anyway - the choice for you.