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What phobias happen?

Ya I do not love spiders and sharks, I am afraid of the dark, I am afraid to fly by plane, I am frightened by crowds of the people in the subway in rush hour, I just hate acting publicly and very much I am afraid to go blind or go crazy. Here, perhaps, all list of my fears If to rummage, at each of us the heap of such irrational fears will be gathered. For example, the fact that almost all women are afraid of mice and snakes - already almost developed stereotype. And to the stomatologist one and all are afraid to go.

However many of our fears are not fears, but phobias at all. And the phobia is already mental disorder at which the person is covered by persuasive inadequate experiences of the fears. Statistically every eighth person on the planet suffers from some phobia. And the quantity of the phobias tormenting modern people does not give in to calculation any more. As to learn - just the person is afraid of spiders - or suffers from arachnophobia; just dislikes dentists or it is suppressed by dentophobia? There are also more exotic phobias - as, for example, an atserofobiya - fear of all sour; an aurorafobiya - fear of the polar lights; a glenofobiya - fear of a look of a doll; a ksantofobiya - fear of yellow color; a koulrofobiya - fear of clowns etc. According to this reference each of you will be able to fill up the list of the fears.

The quantity of phobias constantly grows - over the last 10 years the quantity of phobias increased from 300 to 1030! What it is connected with? As it is surprising, but - with progress. Together with planes the mankind got aviophobia; the tragedy in Chernobyl generated fear of radiation - a radio phobia; from - for races of arms the nukleonitofobiya - fear of the nuclear weapon, and also an atomasofobiya - fear of nuclear explosion appeared. Together with studying of space - the mankind received fear of the space phenomena - a kosmikofobiya; and many elderly people suffer from cyberphobia - fear of computers. Development of science promotes emergence in people of a gellenologofobiya - fear of scientific terms. And also exists (if it is only not an invention!) - a gippopotomomonstroseskvippedaliofobiya - fear of long words.

Advertizing also actively promotes emergence of the most various fears. Thanks to it the person begins to be afraid of completeness (obezofobiya), skin eels (akneofobiya), wrinkles (ritifobiya), baldness (falaktrofobiya), aging (gerontophobia), microbes which everywhere (verminophobia) and so forth. And use in advertizing and show - business of the perfect, ideal, made in the beauty models, generates a dismorfobiya - fear of unattractiveness of the body.

And how many phobias modern cinema generated! Various horror films with realistic special effects and mystical thrillers promote development of the following phobias: fear of spiders, sharks, aliens, fear to go crazy (such movies as Beautiful Mind Spider and many others), fear of clowns (for example, the terrible clown - the monster Pennivayz from the movie It according to Stephen King), fear of phone calls (Japanese thriller Call ) .

The famous people at all on a look, therefore their phobias too. For example, N. V. Gogol suffered from a tafefofobiya (fear to be buried alive). This fear was so painful that it repeatedly gave to the friends written instructions - to bury it only if already cadaveric changes appear.

The generalissimo I. V. Stalin suffered from a toksikofobiya (fear to be poisoned). And Peter I all life suffered from acarophobia (fear of insects and he was not able to work in rooms with high ceilings that testifies to tendency to a spatseofobiya (fear of empty spaces). Petr`s lodge which remained still in St. Petersburg is interesting made upon the demand of the tsar the low drop ceiling suspended to high, real and creating effect cozy shkatulochka .

Modern show - business just dazzles with various phobias. In panic is afraid of Johnny Depp`s clowns; Sean Connery does not take out traffic lights; Mathew Makkonakhyyu is afraid of revolving doors; Kim Bessinger does not take out others touches, from - for what can not leave for months the house; ostroyformy fear of microbes Michael Jackson, Jodie Foster, Jennifer Lopez and Julia Roberts suffer; Steven Seagal in panic is afraid to be poisoned; Sharon Stone fears electric devices like the plague, it is careful even to turn on the TV because in her opinion he can explode. This list can be continued indefinitely.

However it would be desirable to find out - as far as all this is serious. Most often origin of a phobia is connected with some event in the childhood. The phobia can be shown many years later therefore it is very difficult to understand often - what everything began with. Actually all it is not so started also many, believing that they suffer from phobias, - only feels usual hostility to these or those objects or situations.

Attention, symptoms! In what difference of fear for a phobia? - The difference consists that it is almost impossible to cope with a phobia. Having got into the situation starting painful reaction, the person becomes covered cold then, the shiver, weakness, perhaps appears, vomiting, the person begins to choke, he has a tachycardia and irresistible desire to run up hill and down dale. These feelings are so unpleasant that patients resort to various tricks to avoid similar situations. If you do not observe similar symptoms, then can not worry - you have nothing serious is not present. And even if something similar is observed - too do not worry, - it is now treated and if it to you prevents to live - it is necessary to see a doctor.

Health to you! including mental!