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How I cook solyanka?

Fried meat - the dish known from time immemorial. As soon as the person learned to use fire, first course made for them, most likely, there was well, to coals, a fried piece of meat.

We, of course, will not be able to indulge ourselves with roast from a hip of a mammoth, or the dinosaur entirely prepared now. But in ways of preparation the modern person can give odds to our ancestors. As soon as do not cook meat. Both fry, and soar, and cook, and even eat crude.

I would like to stop on one dish which preparation does not demand special knowledge, and can become both decoration of a holiday table, and a daily dish.

We will talk about meat solyanka. When you hear the word " solyanka; what associations it causes? I, for example, have at once before eyes a school and school cafeteria. We once a week were given " solyanka; prepared from stewed cabbage and rare impregnations of sausage. I cannot tell that this dish was not pleasant to me, very tasty and nourishing. But what surprise to learn was that it has no relation to solyanka! In all recipe-books it is called stewed cabbage (with meat or fish or as in this case, with sausage).

The real solyanka prepares only from meat with small addition of vegetables (onions, carrots, sweet pepper, garlic and tomatoes). Though there is a version, so to speak, cheap option when add potato to solyanka, but about it a bit later. It is considered that the dish it came to us from Asia. I do not know, maybe, though, most likely, so it also is. There is at it some east color, but on simplicity of preparation it can be from where it is necessary!

In my personal collection there are several options of preparation of this remarkable dish which can be eaten both as the first and as the second. But I would like to share only two, and not because greedy, just the format will not allow more. One recipe can be considered basic, and the second - that cheap option.

Recipe 1:

Products: beef (without bones) 300 grams, pork (without bones) 300 grams, fillet of chicken breasts of 300 grams, sausage of boiled (good) 200 grams, sausage of varenokopcheny (good) 200 grams, 100 - 150 grams of bacon, 2 big bulbs, 1 carrot, 2 - 3 garlic gloves, 1 - 2 sweet a pepper, 3 - 4 tomatoes or tomato paste (2 tablespoons), salt, pepper to taste.

Meat is washed well out and we cut in the cubes identical by the size. We try to cut sausage, brisket not really small, it is desirable that the sizes did not exceed the size of pieces of meat. We put everything in a deep pan and we fill in with water so that it covered meat on 3 - 4 cm. We put to cook. We clean vegetables and we cut small straws, it is possible to use a grater, but it is better to knife that vegetables were felt further.

On the frying pan which is previously strongly warmed and greased with butter (oil can be not saved, it is that case when the more, the more tasty!) we spread vegetables and we fry until onions become soft, then, and only then, we add largely cut tomatoes or tomato paste. We extinguish 3 - 4 more minutes and we add the garlic (which is small cut or crushed in a press), it is possible to add greens. Meat as practice shows, will already begin to boil by this time and will manage to boil a little. We add subfrying and we cook 30 - 40 more minutes on slow fire.

When giving on a table it is possible to dress with sour cream or mayonnaise. I add still capers and olives, it adds a certain savor. In principle, with capers and olives it is possible to give on a holiday table, and at daily preparation not to use.

Recipe 2:

Products: meat - beef or pork, 500 grams, potatoes 4 - 5 large tubers, 2 big bulbs, 1 carrot, 2 - 3 garlic gloves, 1 - 2 sweet a pepper, 3 - 4 tomatoes or tomato paste (2 tablespoons), salt, pepper to taste.

Preparation almost differs in nothing from the first recipe, difference only that meat and potatoes are cut by large pieces (3 - 4 cm), meat is filled in with water on 2 cm, and potatoes are added a bit later, than meat that it boiled soft. For the rest prepares also. This dish tastes like usual stewed potato with meat, but thanks to the fact that at preparation the tomato is used, it gains, excellent from standard, taste. As you can see, there is nothing difficult in preparation. At the price - is not much more expensive, than any other meat dish and to diversify the table, I hope, nobody will refuse. Bon appetit!