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What is the corporate code of the company and as to write it?

Are absolutely unimportant what company at you - big or small, not very well what position in this company is held by you are an owner of the company, the head of department or the ordinary employee - you, for some reason, now in this company. And why? Working conditions, collective, a salary in any case, it is possible to list tens of the reasons. New employees come to the company And how to make so that sensible employees came? How to make so that employees worked not only for a salary? On tens HOW? nearly one paramount answer - the corporate code of the company, the code which forms and broadcasts the values propagandized by the company, allowing not only to involve employees, but also new clients.

The purposes, mission, the motto, the main corporate principles and the main consequences form this CODE of the COMPANY .

It is quite possible that right now your company is at that stage when further development without introduction and acceptance of the basic ideological principles becomes simply impossible. Impossible at least because the staff of the company grows, you have colleagues and, pay attention, all of us think more often that it is pleasant and interesting to us to work with people who have same views as at us, the same principles and living position. All of us are different, each of us is unique in own way, but, you see, to go one team forward, pursuing the different professional aims it is simply impossible. Bring together the colleagues and suggest them to create the Code of the company.

we Will consider each component of the Code and we will look how to create them.

Ya I will not list to the PURPOSE rules famous for everything, but all - I ask to pay special attention to the fact that the formulated purpose has to be ambitious. The purpose has to be slightly higher than our present opportunities. When the purpose is formulated and accepted, we will need to mobilize only ourselves and to find all necessary resources. Do not forget about additional opportunities. If you set the object to increase sales volume by 20%, think, it can be possible to make something to reach the indicator equal to 25%?

When you all team will formulate the purposes, pay attention that each of you has the right to express the opinion. It is important that the purpose did not contradict the moral principles and was worthy.

the Purpose has to be pleasant. Many consider (notice, it is wrong) that their influence on achievement of the purpose of the company is insignificant. The common goal on which formulation we will work is achievable only when the purposes which you set personally before yourself are achieved.

The purposes will allow: by

to Make your company and each of you in particular unique. Each of you will become a leader in a certain segment of the performed work, and the company will take the leading position in the market.

I will give the purpose of a large distribution network as a good example: the main objective - to provide to consumers an opportunity to buy qualitative goods of the widest range for reasonable prices in comfortable conditions.


Mission is a description of values of the company which set provides forming and tracing of accurate interrelations of kinds of activity of the company with internal and external environment.

in a number of editions and publications definition mission of the " company; replace on policy of the " company;. Absolutely this same. Begin

with the fact that on a clean sheet of paper write primary activities (as a rule, within one company their no more than three), then describe features and advantages. Allocate with a separate column values which exist in the company. It is a basis for mission writing.

Having before itself a similar apportion, answer questions: why there is a company for whom, as it achieves the objectives that is appreciated by the company. Mission expresses sense of existence of the organization, showing the social importance, thus, the role of the company for society is represented. However, it is not always possible, to be exact, it is not always necessary, to create socially oriented mission.

In mission it is impossible to define that the company is created for receiving profit. It is absolutely clear that the company not charity foundation, and all work for receiving profit therefore not to spoil the general perception and not to do mission ambiguous, the phrases connected with receiving profit, the additional income and other, to them similar, always have to fall.

Besides the content of mission, there are also questions connected with its volume. No standard standards on the volume of mission exist. I met missions from one offer to several pages if you begin to pay attention to it, I assure, you will also find tens of absolutely different examples. Similar is connected with what put that not in number of lines, paragraphs and offers. Matter in an essence. There is no framework and criteria.

Example of successful mission of the " supermarkets; Intersection : Intersection sees the task in development of modern forms of retail trade in Russia, in protection of interests of buyers during the work with suppliers and producers food and nonfoods, including own monitoring system of quality of production. " retail network; Intersection suggests compatriots to pass to the best, strives for hyper quality of goods and services.


the Motto is an analog of an advertizing slogan. Mission of the motto - the positioning of the company reflecting that the best that the company offers. Having seen the motto, consumers of the company have to understand what benefit your company can bring them.

the Motto which you will develop has to remind what from us the client waits for.

the Motto is a communicator of the company, it has to get into consciousness of our consumers.


By search of the main corporate principles, perhaps, should vote. In total principles there have to be no more than five, and them the huge set here will be offered.

What in your company is important? What qualities and characteristics are for you defining? On these questions it is also necessary to find answers, working with team. Here it is possible to speak about your approach to delivery of high-quality goods, about your responsibility to clients and partners, about social responsibility and applied business - standards, about personnel policy of the company and corporate standards, about openness and focus.


Everything about what you will speak and discuss, everything that you will accept, you put in a basis of the main consequences. What follows from all above-mentioned? What main conclusions we can draw? What is your company?

Coming back by the beginning of article, I will notice that it is not important at all what position you hold at the moment in the company. Regardless of it you can become the initiator of writing of such code, and it will become an ideological basis of your organization. You can trust in it as in the working business - the tool or to consider it useless, but address the website of any large company and you will see - they already have it.

Writing of the corporate code does not demand big time expenditure and does not demand expenses financial at all, and here the income of future periods from its introduction cannot just be considered therefore do not neglect such opportunity to lift the department or the company on absolutely other, higher level.