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What is VAS or whether mobile communication Will cost cheaper?

of VAS - Value Added Services that is translated approximately as additional services or pribyledobavlyayushchy services . I will try to explain what is it. Very often the term ARPU or, in Russian, the average income of telecom operator from one subscriber is mentioned in articles about marketing in business of cellular communication. In the conditions of price war operators seek to raise ARPU in any possible ways. The most effective way - providing various additional services to the subscriber, ringtones, games and prompts for mobile phones, virtual dating services, different types of the SMS (Short Message Service) - both carry the usual, and containing WAP to them - references to ringtones and pictures, - that is, everything that is possible though somehow to look or listen on the mobile phone and for what it is possible to withdraw money from the account.

And if the prices in a minute of conversation fall slowly, then the income from VAS grows quickly. In 2004 17 billion dollars, in 2005 - 57 billion, and in 2006 - about 100 billion were earned from additional services, further - it is more. This market constantly develops and progresses together with hardware of mobile phones. The general tendency can be noticed if to range VAS - services by the number of clients and to track changes. It is necessary to consider that technologically the majority of services are anyway connected among themselves and their division has a little conditional character.

1. Services on the basis of the SMS.

It and various media votes, competitions and quizes, dating services, services by request of melodies and games, mailings of jokes and horoscopes, and also information services on the basis of the Cell Broadcast technology (an example of this technology the service " can be; Chameleon from the well-known company VimpelCom ) . Technical potential of services on the basis of the SMS is almost settled and all new offers will be based anyway on old technologies.

2. Services on the basis of WAP, GPRS, Internet access.

Mobile access it is difficult for b to carry

to VAS - service, too this service is demanded, nevertheless, it is VAS. Popularity of this point will grow from year to year, not only in process of increase active the Internet - users, but also owing to commissioning of faster standards of data transmission (EDGE, WiMAX, HSDPA).

3. It is information - entertaining services.

All this other services which were not entered in the first two points, and also a galaxy of those services which are anyway connected with them. This type of service will also actively develop and be improved together with technologies. And good perspective ideas - the sea!

For example, in big cities very perhaps fast development of service for definition of location of the next places from the subscriber where it is possible to spend money. Surely there will be shops, movie theaters, drugstores, supermarkets, car services which in case of interest of the subscriber in service, with pleasure will report that they here supposedly we here, absolutely nearby - come, buy. And not the subscriber, and the company advertizing itself will pay for this service any more.

Also the idea to cross SIM - the card with credit soars in air that will allow to use phone for payment of purchases, utilities, journey to the subway and all other.

Summing up the result, I will notice that soon communication will become cheaper, but will be able to save on it not everyone - specialists in development of VAS work on it. By different estimates, by 2009 the share of not voice communication services will reach 40-60% if to get accustomed to rates of development of VAS in Europe, in the countries of Asia and America, then this forecast, most likely, will come true.

Tendencies of the market are that - be aware!