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In what secret of Lithuanian cuisine?

Having decided to try dishes of the real Lithuanian cuisine, I somehow glanced in cafe which exactly - in - exactly (both on design, and on a compounding) repeats one of national cafes of Nida. Having sent to

to a mouth many the most tasty pieces of a kugelis and zeppelins, I thrust upon kitchen to try the chief - cooks about distinctive features of Lithuanian cuisine. So, what it?

In - the first, house . All Lithuanian cuisine is based on use of house, rural products: sausages, corned beef, fat, polotok, cottage cheese, sour cream, curdled milk, oil.

In - the second, nourishing . In any case, four dishes ordered for two to us appeared not in power. For example, the huge form with kugelisy (kartofelno - meat baked pudding) is intended on one person though I, frankly speaking, vaguely represent Robin - Bobin who will manage to eat it.

Typical case, - the manager of the hall smiled, - order the first, second, third, salad, and return an untouched dish on kitchen. At first we were frightened: really it was not pleasant?! It appears, cannot just eat all this .

Big, nourishing dishes - the first feature of Lithuanian cuisine, which at the heart of the country, dense, calculated on a reinforcement of forces after a hard work. On the other hand, the recipes of Lithuanian cuisine offered below have to be pleasant to the hostess expecting men from work and school.

In - the third, potato . Well - estimate my potato kingdom! - the chef met by such words us. In Lithuania potatoes enjoy special popularity, do of it kartofelno - meat, kartofelno - dairy, kartofelno - egg dishes, trickled pastries, fritters, zeppelins, potatoes are stuffed, fill with it vareniki

In many places is prepared vederay - thick pork guts with a grated crude potatoes stuffing.

In - the fourth, dairy . At the majority of dishes there are a house cottage cheese, curdled milk, sour cream. Cold Lithuanian borsch on kefir or curdled milk is known to all. A favourite product - cottage cheese you will meet also in cottage cheese sauce to meat and potatoes, and in sweet pies.

And, of course, caraway . Caraway seeds at us steadily are associated with Lithuania. Not incidentally long not hardening rye bread with caraway seeds is often called Lithuanian . But caraway seeds, besides purely flavoring task, have one more very important function.

Lithuanian cuisine is fat also a kaloriyna, favourite meat - pork, many dishes pour down cracklings.

Try - to eat all these sausages dried, self-made, baked in red caramel! Or the same pork hough with caramel honey or garnet sauce! At such abundance of fat dishes digestion is helped the Lithuanian sauerkraut with caraway seeds and in general caraway seeds as national spice.

Among other spices parsley, fennel, onions and one more " are used; national " spice; - marjoram. The offered recipe of a medzhotoas just contains marinade on a marjoram.

From the known national dishes it is necessary to call also home-made noodles of different types with chicken stomachs, soups with giblets, and it is obligatory with egg - better with quail. Fish cod, pike pies, small pies from puff pastry with a flounder are tasty.

And, of course, what Lithuania without zeppelins?

Besides traditional, with meat, there are tsepellina to the most various stuffings, for example, with cottage cheese and the slightly smoked ham. And to kids, naverneo, will be pleasant with apricots.

Tsepellina with apricots Crude potatoes (150 g for the portion) to grate

. natoloch or to pass boiled potatoes via the meat grinder (100 - 110 for the portion). Crude it is wrung out that water mix was emitted. We mix both parts of potatoes, from water mix we emit starch and we add to potato.

That potatoes did not darken, a small secret: add a spoon of dense sour cream, milk or an askorbinka.

we form flat cakes Of potato mix, the prepared fresh apricot (instead of a stone we put a lump sugar piece) is stacked on the middle of everyone. In the winter the apricot can be replaced with good, large dried apricots. Then we connect edges of flat cake, we give oval, slightly flat form.

We add starch to cold water, we bring to boiling, accurately we enter zeppelins into the boiling water (better by means of a skimmer that were not deformed). We keep under a cover, will not emerge yet; emerged - are ready.

One more small secret: if guests are late, and zeppelins give hot - they can be held in a pan on slow fire to 4 - x hours - nothing with them will be become. Zeppelins spread

on a dish, water with the kindled butter and dense sour cream sauce, mixed with icing sugar, strew with coconut flakes, it is good to decorate with a mint branch.

And then - we call children (and adults!) at a table.

Medzhotoas. we Take

cervical part of pork with a grease layer, for the portion - a piece in 150 g, practically without beating off, we pickle 1 - 1,5 hour in the cold place.

For marinade: marjoram, mix of pepper, dark beer, olive oil.

At this time we cook sauce: the onions are fried on vegetable oil to transparency, we season with allspice, we add beer, we warm up, we enter tomato sauce. Then we season with a ground marjoram, I will merge and we enter for a sheaf slightly - slightly starch - Meat from two parties we fry 0,1 g

on a lattice, a grill, a frying pan, we spread on hot sauce and we water with this sauce. It is necessary to give with fresh vegetables and with a cauliflower (fried, stewed). It is possible to prepare mix from a cauliflower and broccoli.

Bon appetit!