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How to distribute the time?

U you often happen it that, it seems, and put not much, and all the same are in time nothing? Or it is even worse: you choke in affairs, without knowing what to begin from this huge heap with. And there is a wish also to have a rest, the truth?

Only let`s not rush about from one business to another, and we will quietly sit down and we will think over why we are in time nothing?

A put for certain that we are not able to distribute the time, in other words - to plan day. We now will also be engaged in it.

For a start we will take a sheet of paper and the handle (a pencil, a felt-tip pen, a marker, it is possible also not one) and we will take seat in a cozy chair in the room where nobody will disturb us. Even favourite doggie (kitty, small fish, dinozavrik etc.) let`s leave in other room - now we need silence to concentrate.

So, for a start we will paint the tomorrow.

At first we will write to the most necessary things and time of their performance . No, the speech not about the report or a meeting with the finance director, and about our personal and necessary needs: dream, breakfast, lunch etc. We write time of their performance. We paint the most important issues for tomorrow further (it is admissible, to write 3 chapters of the report).

Is marked each business with time of its performance. We do not forget also about breaks for rest, it is ringing to the friend, walks, etc. the most difficult begins

Now. We will try to implement the plan which is drawn up for tomorrow . Small deviations from the schedule are not terrible (we are not robots, eventually!) . If to execute it did not turn out, then we make the simplified schedule next day. We specify only the main points - what should be made. It has to help if you, of course, do not treat those people who cannot live according to the plan at all. Though, it is rather about self-checking and self-education here.

Further if you coped with the first step training we start the second. We plan several days or week and we try to act according to the plan. Of course, it does not mean that it is necessary to live further according to the schedule. Such trainings are necessary to us to learn to do everything accurately and one after another, without being broken off between several cases.

The temptation to overset the plan is very important to overcome the first days. you do it for yourself, so it is not necessary to deceive himself. After a while the habit to evenly distribute the affairs will be developed.

At the following stage you will need to make not all schedule, but the list put .

Get the daily log in which you will note affairs and time when they have to be made.

Or buy (or make) a wall calendar with large cells of days of week and write down the plans there. It will be remarkable if a calendar you choose bright. It will be evident and will not allow to forget about something. Besides, on a calendar it is possible to mark birthdays of friends, memorials and holidays, etc. of

One more option - to write down the affairs in phone. He precisely will not forget about them and will remind you of it a melody (if you, of course, do not forget it to load). the Sure bet - to leave to

notes on the refrigerator or a mirror, - there you will precisely notice them.

Also I can advise to make several paper pockets (bright paper, pockets about 15 on 15), on each of which a bright marker to write: what it is necessary to make , etc. And surely pocket what is already made . In the first pocket to put notes with affairs, in the second gradually in process of performance of affairs to shift notes from the first. I assure, the increasing volume of the second pocket in comparison with the first considerably will lighten your mood and desire to work!

Eventually, you get used that all your affairs are classified and, perhaps, to you something is not required to plan more .

When you learn to distribute the affairs, you will have more free time of which you have the right to dispose spontaneously! And besides, life is more interesting when in it there is a lot of unexpected (the main thing that these surprises were pleasant).

I wish you good luck, in passing of this hard way!