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From where music of a reggae and who such Rastas went?

What is reggae music? For someone it is the residents of Jamaica with elf-lock playing the guitars for someone some unknown word at all. Let`s find out nevertheless what the reggae - music such is?.

There was this music approximately in 60 - x years in Jamaica. It represented mix of a folk music of Jamaica, Latin America and a rhythm - and - the blues which was twisted then on radio. Also in formation of a reggae played a role appeared before ska - music. The reggae is not only music, and the whole religion, outlook and a way of life of many people. The religion called Rastafarianism in honor of the emperor of Ethiopia, before crowning called Races (prince) Tafari Makonnen together with reggae music extended across all Jamaica and the nearby countries. Soon after that it extended worldwide, thanks to the reggae, most known in the world, - the performer Robert Nesta Marley.

Bob Marley was the first world-class star which left Third World countries and achieved such huge popularity on all continents. In the middle of 70 - x years its music filtered into Europe and its songs won first place in a hit - parades of England and Germany. Thanks to it to a reggae there was an interest from various producers, pop reggaes - collectives, for example UB40 began to arise (some of participants of collective were a sort from Jamaica too).

The philosophy of Rastafarianism and a reggae bears in themselves ideas of equality and a brotherhood between people. By the way, coming back to Bob Marley`s music, there is also a wish to note that sometimes his songs had a political focus that was very strongly reflected in life of people in some countries. For example, its song Zimbabwe sounded as the anthem of the country that day when Zimbabwe achieved independence. For songs of revolutionary character there were attempts of murder of Bob Marley during his performances more than once. After some time he was even forced to move from Jamaica to Foggy Albion from - for dangers of existence on the homeland.

The famous performers of a reggae in Jamaica at that time were: Burning Spear, Peter Tosh (beginning the activity together with Bob Marley in The Wailers group), Aswad, Culture. The Wailers was the first a reggae - group from Jamaica which achieved great popularity in Europe and America. All life in Jamaica at that time turned around music. It was possible to earn in two ways: to become the bandit or a reggae - the performer. To Jamaica there came rich American producers wrote down local guys for kopeks, then with records came back to America and did on them quite good money. In detail tell the Jamaican movies of that time about all this, such as Rockers and The harder they come. These movies still are considered cult among people anyway connected from a rast - culture. Reggae music also has such branch as Rocksteady. It is slow music, something reminding music for meditation and the lyrics, as a rule, religious character reminding church singing. In this field were the first and there are The Congos. Their album The Hart of the Congos of 1977 still remains a Rocksteady style standard.

The reggae essence - music, according to the Jamaican performers, consists in positive vibrations which are broadcast by a melody. One of legislators of a genre of Lee Scratch Parry, by hearsay, scratched, set fire and dug in the plates for the night in a garden that they became impregnated with positive vibrations . Less excentric performers just very long and accurately studied melodies, trying to obtain the necessary sounding. The electronic version of a reggae is Dub (dub). By the way, the Russian dub is considered one of the best now. Known domestic a dub - performers, such as: Dub TV, Dub Syndicate, are widely known in Europe among fans of this music.