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Why we are ill, or will not buy Health, and it is necessary to pay

How much is health? The majority of us thinks of this question only when the next illness brings to the doctor or someone from our relatives gets sick. Having received lists of drugs, we go to a drugstore, and there already health cost finds outlines of concrete figures.

Modern society got used to thought of an otioseness and low cost of human life. All of us see every day on the street, in transport a great number of patients, ailing and much less often we meet people healthy, vigorous. And, nevertheless, usually laugh at healthy approach to life.

You paid attention to the attitude of people around towards people who and any weather begin every morning with improving jog? How many jokes and mockeries they listen! And from whom? From those who, groaning and sighing, hardly rises by the floor and at the slightest physical activity feels discomfort. And appearance: one shoulder is higher than another, a hollow breast, the drooped stomach, weak muscles unless is not paradoxical

A what our citizens very much knowing about addictions do not think of their consequences? Many neglect observance of an elementary daily routine, eat hastily and that got, systematically do not get enough sleep, smoke, drink for health and. etc.

We do not give ourselves the report that neither the state, nor an extensive network of hospitals and policlinics, efforts of health workers will be able to make the person healthy if he not to care for the health.

The person wants to be healthy to extreme old age, but is not ready to offer for this purpose part of the time. And everyone blames for the illness anyone, but not himself. And the person is guilty, first of all.

Still yesterday the person was healthy, and it seemed to him that so will be always, and today he finds himself among patients. It is easy to understand that patients are martyrs, their life and life close to emergence of an illness gets other reality.

If attentively to look around, then it is possible to tell with confidence that our people have no self-preservation instinct.

Example No. 1. Now poisonings with chemicals are one of the incidence reasons, and at us lately washing machines in kitchen took a place of honor. Think: whether it is correct to carry dirty linen, laundry detergent and other substances accompanying washing on kitchen?

Example No. 2. And whether you know that at men hardly tied tie in several minutes leads to increase in intraocular pressure?

Example No. 3. The woman wants to be beautiful and, despite everything, wears uzkonosy shoes on a high hairpin. Though it has a flat-footedness. Gets into such tight jeans that hardly can breathe, and only when the illness begins to threaten its beauty, comes to the doctor, having dressed convenient clothes, having put on raznoshenny footwear, having tied with a waist with a scarf. And on reception at the doctor asks a question: From where illness? .

Example No. 4. And the hobby of women was not conceived to varnish nails the nature. Nails are an additional diagnostic sign for the doctor who helps with definition of the diagnosis of the sick person. And length of nails under which swarm microbes! (And it is necessary these hands if not to prepare, then to eat food.) Somehow in transport the boy of years of five long considered nails of the woman of fashion, and then told the grandmother: Look, nails as at Kruger! .

Example No. 5. And which of you visits with the footwear? Very few people. And from the hygienic point of view it is inadmissible to put on footwear from others leg even short time. Very many understand it, but are afraid to offend owners, and still concerns that if they are not as all will begin to stick with it into a back or to twirl by a finger at a temple.

Example No. 6. Residents of Russia without special fastidiousness buy from grandmothers the nutlets, sunflower seeds which are so carefully packaged in kulechka from old newspapers and magazines even without reflecting about travel newspapers and about a mourning border under nails of the shop assistant.

Example No. 7. Street trade in cream sweets, it is unknown whom and it is unknown from what prepared moreover in boxes from - under exotic fruit even from tropics. Plus to everything is a lot of dust around. And that is interesting: there is a demand, so, there will be also an offer.

Example No. 8. In the markets sunflower oil is sold on flood. Often they spread in the plastic bottles which were in the use. And nobody asks a question: From where such number of bottles at the seller? Even if the buyer sees how bring to dealers bags with plastic bottles drunk people, in dirty clothes very few people it guards. Also the picture when suspicious persons methodically choose empty plastic bottles from a trash can does not emerge at this moment from memory.

An example No. 9 - a little live pictures . Many bread and rolls are put in one package of vegetables, cookies and eggs - nearby. Which - who eats ice cream, other products directly in transport.

From the given examples it is possible to draw conclusions that our diseases arise from our own ignorance. And having got sick hardly anyone will remember that bread and rolls bought in a stall from the road that, having brought home vegetables, it put them on a dining table, crude eggs, without having washed out previously, broke in dough, undressed meat on a board on which then cut bread, cheese, sausage.

Probably, our relation to everything it because at our citizens the lack of knowledge about health, about ways of its formation, preservation and strengthening is observed. And from where to us it is the nobility?

Feature of our education is a transfer of knowledge mainly about the outside world. And to lead a healthy lifestyle - science, but to it also character is necessary.

With what pleasure and admiration we share with friends news about recently made repair, about purchase of new things. And how health? From the narrow-minded point of view to think of it while we are healthy, we have no time, we will begin to tell and complain when the illness drives us into the deadlock.

The person has the right for health. But human rights are closely connected with its responsibility. Health, as well as all other benefits in this life, it is necessary to earn, thinking of advantages which it gives us.

Every time since Monday much want to start everything anew: new life, charging, but something disturbs again, and again we postpone the most important until new Monday. And there again fatigue, slackness, problems at work and in a family.

And still health - one of the biggest values in life, so let`s it protect!