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What history of St. Valentine`s Day?

Literally, no more than ten years ago from Europe, the holiday which popularity is very big at present came to our country. This holiday - St. Valentine`s Day or St. Valentine`s Day, we also celebrate it on February 14.

Though it is also not official, but, I, at least, do not know any person who would not know about his existence, and here about history it is known not by all. I also want to tell it to you.

About Valentin`s life many legends go, but it is authentically known, only the fact that he lived in Italy at the time of government of the emperor Claudius II who very much was proud of military valor of the soldiers and not really favored Christians. For preservation of a martial spirit the emperor issued the decree forbidding to soldiers to marry as considered that married too much time he spends in a family and is busy with thoughts not about the benefit of the empire and military valor, and about the family center. Despite an imperial ban, the young priest (according to some information, the bishop) Valentin secretly crowned soldiers in love. Also legends go that somehow Valentin cured the blind daughter of one of the Roman dignitaries then she fell in love with him.

Secret activity of Saint Valentin not for long was a secret, and soon the hearing about it reached the emperor. The furious emperor ordered to execute the priest. Execution was made on February 14, 269. Say also that at night before execution Valentin wrote the letter full of feelings, the girl whom he cured. These are only guesses and as all was actually, we do not know and any more never we learn, but undoubtedly one - Valentin really died for Love. Here therefore did not forget about Valentin and elected the patron of All Lovers. As the Christian martyr who was injured for belief he was canonized by Catholic church.

In Europe St. Valentine`s Day is celebrated with XIII, in the USA since the 18th century, and at the end of the 20th century reached also us and presented us an opportunity at least once in a year wholly to express all the love to our relatives and to show, how strongly we love them or it is simpler to tell - to express those feelings about which we forget in other 364 days of year. Having learned

about history of this holiday, you will involuntarily ask a question - and how in general it is accepted to mark out him?

does not assume Traditionally this day big grandiosity. Usually lovers this day exchange small suverchik as a sign of the love, the greatest popularity was gained presently by fashion to give so-called Valentine`s Day cards . Valentine`s Day cards - love messages - quatrains were introduced by gallant French for the first time.

If you do not want to be limited to one Valentine`s Day card in addition to it you still can present weight various signs of the love . The most raspostranenny types of souvenirs and gifts are sweets: cookies, candies, chocolate made in the form of a heart.

can Also give linen, pets of whom your soulmate, romantic travel, " dreams so long ago; happy lottery tickets, the sausage cut by hearts. Or in general to think up something special.

This day is considered ideal for the offer of a hand and heart. Imagine a face of your soulmate when under champagne and a dessert, you stretch a box with so-called a ring on engagement . Here so case...

So do not lose an opportunity and use this afternoon to tell the warmest, most intimate, most desired and expensive words to that person, which near you. And also to open heart for that, about whom you dream ,

I be happy!