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How to behave in case of an autosetup?

How many times we heard on radio, watched on TV and read in the press about autosetups, but, remember what specifically there was a speech about. Certainly, about a case when the driver forces to be reconstructed in the right row to pass the hurrying foreign car. Further the outcome is clear - evolution, and behind in the car one more foreign car drives. At once there are witnesses, to the driver suggest to solve everything at once, without causing traffic police and so on. After these cases received mass publicity, and also after introduction of the CMTPL, swindlers, it seems, disappeared. But actually it not so. What are they engaged now in? Let`s sort on the main points and we will consider our behavior in each case.

1. Standard, described above, a setup. However if earlier to the driver all suggested to solve on the place, then " now; earnings it is carried out at the expense of the fact road accident which is registered in traffic police, and swindlers receive continuous compensation thanking to the people in insurance companies. And swindlers from one insurance company in another wander. But at the same time the driver of the second car suffers. How to be? The main council is an insurance of own car on the AUTOCOMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE.

Certainly, this type of protection is available to not everyone. Therefore we recommend behavior on the road: whenever possible you stick to the right row (it, by the way, demands also traffic regulations - at a free right strip to move in the right row) if you see approach behind the car - you do not hurry to be reconstructed instantly. As a rule, at approach behind the car at great speed, the driver reacts immediately and is reconstructed (especially when to you blink high beam headlamps). Estimate a situation. Swindlers, choosing way road accident, now provoke road accident for the account dead zones the car - in a rear-view mirror it is visible nobody, and then it turns out that you simply did not notice and rumpled to the foreign car the left forward wing.

2. You by car have caps? Swindlers act simply. From your car the cap is removed (as a rule, from a back left wheel). On a back wing the rag at a weak clip wipes a site from the same party. You begin the movement, and through half a kilometer you are caught up by the car which driver in a window shows you a cap from your car. Having stopped, report to you that you here supposedly in a movement stream at evolution rumpled the car. Even the cap flew away. When you say that you did not notice anything similar, and in that case agree to call the staff of traffic police, say to you that you fled the place of road accident and caught up with you (to that there is a confirmation - 3 - 4 witnesses in the " car; victim ) . And that it disappeared ? It up to deprivation of the rights! It is necessary to you? Of course, no, especially swindlers are skillful psychologists. You also will not manage to look back as you will be convinced that you are guilty that you are ready to pay all repair, and at once.

How to be in such situation? Cause traffic police! Swindlers will disappear also quickly, as well as appeared and even if they also will agree to a call of staff of traffic police, claim that you do not know how there was a road accident, and you do not consider yourself as the guilty person at least because other car also left the place of road accident. Suggest the inspector to drive up to an estimated point of impact (for example, a wing to a wing) and compare height and distances of the damaged part of the car of swindlers and wiped yours (by the way, it can be made at once, even before arrival of traffic police) then make a photo on the mobile phone (as a rule, the camera to yourself not at everyone). Take ten two pictures from a different foreshortening. These photos will help you for establishment of the fact of fraud. No payments will follow after that. Victims even to insurance company will not reach.

In the described type of fraud also one more began to prevail. The same scheme, but show you not an accurate dent, but the small scratch made beforehand. For scratch from you demand only 500 - 1000 rubles. Explain to you that it is much more favorable to pay you this sum. And arguments quite reasonable: by a call of traffic police it will borrow till 3 o`clock your time and what then? Then the insurance company will raise for you a CMTPL rate for 50% that makes from 1000 to 3000 rubles in a number of the cities. You need it? Of course, no. It is simpler to pay this unfortunate one thousand and to part especially as on your car there is no damage. If you feel a setup, deny the fact road accident and you call in traffic police (you can pretend that you call). Swindlers immediately retire! On estimations, one such car can to earn about 20 thousand a day.

3. You brought down the person. How it can occur? You move with a speed of 40 - 50 km/h, and the person suddenly standing on a roadside gets on your windshield and falls to the ground. Terribly? Of course. But the person stood! Unfortunately, when there is a hit on a windshield, the driver is completely lost, and then any more will never remember details therefore there is approximately following further. The victim reports that you brought down him, he has a fracture of a hand and leg, and maybe edges You are offered to pay 5 - 20 thousand at once and not to have then problems. What to do? In - the first if you really brought down the person, you should be responsible for it. The person is living, maybe, there are changes, or perhaps and is not present - but you have nothing to be afraid. You stop the car, send the victim to the nearest hospital, and cause traffic police (if you remove the car from the scene to prove something it will be problematic). The CMTPL assumes quite decent payment to the victim, you will get off with a penalty (if your fault is proved). Swindlers, as a rule, refuse where - or to go. Anyway, it is necessary to take the receipt from the victim that he has to you no claims (it is possible to attract also witnesses, among which surely will be also false).

4. You brought down the child. It is much more the worst situation, than described above. It occurs so. You hand over back, then start and begin advance, and hear shouts and knock on a trunk lid. You know what you made? Handing over back, brought down the child. Any damages at a car, any scratches at the child, but the mass of witnesses speaks unanimously: you brought down the child. What did you break? You began the movement and were not convinced in perfect security, you brought down the person, and this even more serious violation. In that case parents demand also from 5 to 15 thousand rubles. Brought down the child, and he has a trauma something now, plus a fright and still something. If in that case business comes to court, besides a CMTPL insurance (if there were damages of human organs) parents can demand compensation of moral harm - the child was frightened, afraid of cars, is afraid to go outside and so forth. The court will be on the party of the victim especially as under our law even if the driver is not guilty, he is obliged to compensate to the victim literally everything that is possible. Report to you about all this legally competent parents . It is a setup. Demand a call of traffic police officers and departure of the child in hospital. Similar works and affects swindlers rather strongly. You just disperse amicably.

Dear drivers! The described setups are the main tricks of swindlers. Actually it is much more of them, and every day appear new and new. Never lose self-controls. Anyway take minute, and simply, sitting in the car, calm down, analyse a situation, do not give in on instant provocations and psychological pressure. Take the picture with faces of all participants of events, call friends and acquaintances that approached and became witnesses of all event! And in general I wish you good luck on roads! Do not come across tricks of swindlers! Protect yourself always and everywhere!