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What is the Robson technology?

to be productive, the computer has to be balanced. That is, all its components (video card, processor, memory and other spare parts ) have to have the comparable speed of work. So, for example, if the powerful video card and the weak processor is installed in the computer, then possibilities of such computer will be limited to processor opportunities.

Today the bottleneck limiting possibilities of modern personal computers are hard drives.

It is possible to increase, of course, the speed of operation of disk stores the RAID organization - massifs (it, roughly saying when several winchesters, are perceived by the computer as one disk). Practically all modern motherboards have one - two the built-in RAID - the controller. But, unfortunately, RAID - massifs only partially solve a problem of productivity of disk system. For example, they are not capable to influence essentially the speed of loading of an operating system or any stand-alone programs.

It is possible to increase the speed of work of disks, and producers of winchesters continuously work on it. But the problem consists that the growth rate of productivity of disks obviously is less than the growth rate of productivity of other components of the computer.

Perhaps, use as disks a flash - high-capacity stores will become one of options of a solution. In 2006 the Samsung company presented the laptop in which the store on base a flash - memories instead of the ordinary winchester was used. The flash - memory has obvious advantages: it has the high speed of reading and record, is rather reliable, durable, consumes not enough energy and is absolutely silent. At demonstration start the laptop of Samsung about a flash - the store was loaded less than in 20 seconds, and with the ordinary winchester it was required to the laptop more than thirty.

Naturally, having so many pluses, it is necessary to do without minuses. The main thing from them is cost - the flash used in the described laptop - the store with a capacity of 32 Gbytes cost more than one thousand dollars.

Certainly, sooner or later, a flash - memory will become cheaper (this process goes several years) and a flash - winchesters, perhaps, will become the standard decision. For now the Intel corporation proposes the hybrid solution - the Robson technology.

The Robson technology provides use a flash - memories in addition to the hard drive of the laptop. It is supposed to store often used data in this memory. Actually, it represents the buffer between the winchester and random access memory.

The main advantage of the Robson technology is that it allows to accelerate loading of system and appendices, without raising computer cost up to the transcendental heights. In addition, the economy of energy due to reduction of number of appeals to the winchester and uses a flash - the memory consuming insignificant amount of energy is provided. As a result laptop operating time from the accumulator considerably increases.

The first data on the Robson technology were submitted in March, 2006. Development right there drew attention of developers hardware and the software. For example, the Microsoft company declared intention to focus the new Windows Vista operating system on the Robson technology that will allow to reduce time of loading of system.

Ordinary (not mobile) computers did not avoid attention of the Intel company too. The similar technology which received the name Snowgrass is developed for the personal computer. The truth meanwhile is not present any final description or the specification of this technology and to say definitely about how it will be realized, it is not necessary. Perhaps, on motherboards there will be a socket for additional a flash - cards, and there can be producers will begin to make motherboards with built in a flash - stores. As they say, the future will show.