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What is the Windows MCE?

of the Windows MCE (MediaCenter Edition) are the Windows XP version created for fans of entertainments. (And, actually, became) users for whom the computer - means for carrying out leisure had to become the main consumers of this system.

By estimates of Microsoft, nearly a half of the personal computers delivered to Russia is bought house users. For this reason the decision to release and the Russian Windows MCE version was made a year ago.

Actually the Windows MCE represents Windows XP Pro SP2 about which - what distinctions in network settings and administration of the rights of users. Besides, at start the system automatically starts a special application for management of media data and Internet access.

As well as in the usual Windows XP, it is possible to work on the Internet, to connect cameras, printers and other external devices, to play etc. The only difference will be only the fact that to these and other services and services of an operating system the user receives much the simplified interface.

In general, the appendix described above also is kernel systems from the point of view of the user. However if necessary it can be closed - the user will work with system, as from the simple Windows XP.

The Windows MCE interface is designed for the simplest, not strongly tempted in computer affairs home users. It is simple and has intuitively clear menu simplifying achievement of results necessary for the user. By the way, the Windows MCE interface allows to operate the media center and by means of the remote control which usually is included in the package of delivery of the computer - the media center.

Provides for work with images Windows MCE to the user the widest range of tools. For example, it is possible to connect a camera to the computer, to download photos and to edit them, having created then a photo album. And then it is possible to look through the photo albums in the mode a slide - show, and not just like that, and with music. It is also possible to record a photo with CD or DVD or to print them.

For listening of sound files and management of music collections, the Windows MCE tools include the player of audiofiles of different formats, support of playlists, creation of musical libraries and search of compositions in them, copying of music from the Internet or with CD/DVD of carriers.

In the Windows MCE there is an opportunity to write down musical disks (CD or DVD). And the users having Internet access can listen and write down the broadcasts of broadcasts which are round the clock conducted in the Network.

The media centers under control of the Windows MCE allow users to work also with video data: it is possible to watch movies with DVD, to load video fragments, the recorded videos - or web - chambers and to carry out their installation by means of Windows Movie Maker.

If the media center is equipped with TV - the tuner, then with the Windows MCE such things as viewing of TV programs in the HDTV format (with the quality image) and record of telecasts directly on DVD are possible. Transmission which is broadcast on the Internet can be stopped, and then to continue its viewing from the same place. By means of the Windows MCE it is possible to solve easily a problem when on different TV - channels at the same time there are interesting transfers: the media center supports operation of two tuners - on one it is possible to watch the program, and another will write down transfer on the second TV - the channel.

Requirements imposed to the media center differ from requirements to computers with other Windows XP versions. Normal work requires hardware which would be enough for ordinary office personal computer. And administration of MCE demands from the user of the minimum expenses - such approach is a basis of the concept of the media center. The media center for complexity of control and support is comparable with DVD - the player or the audio system. For this reason the Windows MCE is not on sale separately, and is bought only in the form of the preset system together with the computer. The main task of the center - not to strain the user settings of drivers or access rights, and to entertain him and to help pleasantly to spend free time.