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How to deceive destiny? Lucky patch.

the Spanish merchants in the 16th century, employing the captain on the ship, learned - whether it is successful...

Me, Prokhor Petrovich Bolotnikov, by nickname Lucky, threw off from the train on the seven hundred seventh kilometer. It is good still that on turn. Speed was not big, and that would break to hell. It was lucky that to tell.

did not reach Three hundred versts to the native Vorkuta. And all cards. No, I did not swindle. To tell more precisely, almost did not swindle. Well, another distorted time of an ace peak - an eka nevidal. It not an occasion of the living person to throw off on the run.

Is good though the holdall was in time took. Would sit in a taiga without tobacco, matches and tea now, mosquitoes fed. And so - the kosterok, chifir it seems was drawn, well. Well - that, well and here in what party Vorkuta not to think in any way. While from the train flew - beat off all soobrazhalovka. On the left you will go, a horse poteryash, to the right - itself a horse you will become. And to ask there is nobody, probably on hundred versts there is no live soul. Only thought, and the branch in the distance crackled. If only not Toptygin on a visit gathered. Obviously you will not ask the road it. Can what mushroom picker or the inspector? Here seemed. Person, thank God! - mine and its automatic machine hangs on a neck! Here, got, so got. The uniform is black, short-haired under zero. The convict fluent - to mother do not go. Well, keep now, Prokhor Petrovich.

Approached. It is lazy kicked a holdall.

- is healthy, the grandfather. From where such undertook in a solitude komyatsky?

- So a pier and so, - I say, - I head home to Vorkuta. - On the automatic machine I look at itself. - Money for journey suddenly came to an end, here vcheras in a taiga and people bad landed.

- Sat? - asks.

- Yes sir, - I answer, - disorderly conduct. On excite to the cop filled a muzzle. From Vorkuta under Syktyvkar sent to a zone. To Poltorashk left full time. Here I come back home.

- is clear. Listen here, the grandfather. I have to you two news. One bad, second good. With what we will begin. - Give

about bad. - Give

. I on a taiga am wound the third day. Two screws on me are registered. To you there are no claims, but also to leave the living witness to me not from a hand.

- Yes news. Worse does not happen, - I was taken aback, and inside everything contracted in a lump. And the second, good news in what consists?

- Here was lucky you. It is terrible to hamat there is a wish. At you I look a chifirchik it is made. It is good. The old man, good news is that you have half an hour. While I eat, I drink tea and I smoke - you live. Then - vzhik. - The convict ran a hand over a throat. - You get the idea? By the way, me Sashka is a seaman klinut. Hold five. - The convict gave a hand.

- Prokhor Petrovich. Lucky on a zone nicknamed.

- What you on horse-radish lucky when with me managed in a taiga

to meet. Here, for example, precisely good luck loves me. From our zone still anybody not sbeg during all the time. I the first will be.

- So you also not sbeg on the present. Probably, VV - shnik on a tail still sit. Drive you as wolf of the last. - Will drop down

, old, to fray, - Sashka sat down near a fire, gave from a kettle in a mug some tea and got a loaf of rye from my holdall. All right, tell why you lucky were nicknamed.

- Is lucky me always. Both in cards, and with women. Here you want to take away my life for a tobacco pinch. Give better destiny we will ask that to me it is in this world prepared.

- What to ask it, I and so know everything. To lie to you soon in this wood and to have an eternal rest. there is no

- the Seaman, so will not go. You have no right most such questions to solve. Let`s a coin throw. Sashk`s

twisted a goat leg, lit, dispersing a smoke midges.

- is fine, the hell with you. Throw a coin. Three times in a row tails will drop out - live. No, itself you understand.

Ya got a heap of a trifle from a pocket and chose a five-kopeck coin. Clamped it in a fist and began to say a prayer very quietly.

- My God es on do not enrage... Sashk`s


- You lucky, and call god in assistants. Throw give a coin, most it became already interesting.

Ya threw. The coin flew up highly in air, turned over several times and fell in a grass the five-kopeck advantage up. I took breath.

- Yes, is lucky you so far, the Seaman grinned. Throw the second time.

the Second time had tails again.

- Everything, the old man, bothered you to me. The third time I throw, - Sashka took away from me a coin and started it under heaven. Having fallen the patch hit about penek and disappeared in a high


Looked for long, was gone absolutely.

- Here, the grandfather and all yours fart. There is no coin, means curtains to you.

- Yes here it, directly at you under a leg, - I started lifting the patch, but Sashka was ahead of me.

- Mother my woman, again tails! Miracles and only. All right, take away the coin and go away until I changed the mind. Only leave products.

Ya poured out a tea pack, makhorka, the " newspaper from a holdall; Truth taken from the conductor on roll-ups.

- Well, proshchevay, the Seaman.

- Go, Lucky, go. Do not come across any more.

I I went to the wood. More precisely almost ran. And inside everything exulted. Indeed - lucky.

of Sashk drank tea from an aluminum mug and observed as the old man small tripping legs left woodward. Suddenly he raised the submachine gun and aimed at Prokhor Petrovich.

Then, having changed the mind, lowered a trunk and several times dragged on, lighting up gone out was a roll-up. Swore, again raised the submachine gun. The short turn sounded. the Seaman collected by

In ten minutes a holdall, threw it for a shoulder and approached the old man. Having turned it on a back, got into a pocket of a jacket and pulled out a coin. Having turned it in hands, smiled, hid the patch for a lining of a uniform and went woodward.

From the official report of the chief of police station of the settlement Lena - a fir-tree :

As a result of special operation the run-away prisoner Rukavishnikov Alexander Sergeyevich, by nickname Sashka is a seaman it was blocked on the suburb of the settlement in the citizen Skorokhodova`s bath. As the prisoner applied armed resistance, I gave the order on fire for effect. After three-minute firing of a bath, the citizen Rukavishnikov was killed. At it the Kalashnikov with empty shop and a holdall in which there was a " newspaper is found; Truth of November fifth, 1964, a pack of tea and two packs of makhorka of production of Morshansky plant.

At more careful search behind a lining of clothes was found the coin of five-kopeck advantage which is stuck together from two halves, so, that on each half the advantage of a coin and year of release - was represented 1961.

I attach the List of the employees participating in detention of the citizen Rukavishnikov .


Well and which of them lucky, tell? One remained in the wood, to another did not allow to take a steam bath in the citizen Skorokhodova`s bath. Good luck smiles only it as I.

Present lucky. When Prokhor Petrovich from the train was thrown off, I, was, began to panic. Internal instructions order us to resort in such cases to external influence. I, personally, always adhere to instructions, they are written by blood of our companions. Only this year five employees of experimental laboratory on studying of the person were missing.

Means, I began to scan space. Could punch on fifty kilometers earlier. Now years any more not those, at most impulses sent to ten. Responded. All right the person decent would get, and that fluent came across the convict.

However if not it to stray to me with the old man on a taiga until the end of life. It, and, so and mine.

Ya since the childhood wanted to get to Earth. To work in laboratory on studying of the person was a limit of dreams for all boys from our yard. I one also broke through. The others who on distant flights settled who died in the last war and who skurvitsya - in office boys moved. You excuse me for rough expressions, on a zone picked up, will not etch any more.

We take root. How? It is difficult to explain. Here, for example, the concept of the nonlinear, four-dimensional hyper field is familiar to you? No. Then take on trust. We. Well not with all, of course. We select the most interesting copies. I, for example, specialize in dropouts. Thieves, prostitutes, bandits - my

contingent. Such curious persons come across, I will tell you. Here, we will take Prokhor Petrovich. I with it half a year on a zone chalitsya. On I.Q. - Einstein did not sit next. In practice - two criminal records, alcoholism in easy degree and full unwillingness to live properly. I on this material want doctor`s to protect when I come back home. To Prokhor Petrovich studied one curious type, the librarian at us on a zone working too. And so before war it served in the Oryol prison, in People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs special group at a firing position. Award Red banner had. At Germans in races moved first. Caught. Offered similar work. It again in the Oryol prison began to work. And again shot the Soviet citizens, guerrillas and underground workers. Germans iron awarded with its cross. After war obtained a pyatnashka. On a zone it was rolled out, for it to a grain position the owner also defined it. There is a material, so material. The Center squealed from delight when I sent it.

However, I distracted. We take root into you through... No, then I will explain, and that no intrigue will exist. After introduction we begin to study. Thoughts, feelings, desires. Then we report to the Center. What for? That we should not know. Money good pays, work - more prestigious does not happen. During studying, we have the same feelings, as experimental. We cry together with it with pain, we laugh after a good joke, we catch a high from a nonsense. Well, the high is only caught, of course, by those who in the asocial environment rotate. I with Prokhor Petrovich to a chifirchik became attached. Oh, well hits on brains. When Sashka is a seaman shot, I a little junked was therefore not at once was chosen. I sit on hemp, I wait. And it, a padla, approached not at once. At me already and energy came to an end, slightly did not kick the bucket. Would pass into a vaporous state and departured in the blue sky. Full pitransgentsialny period!

With the last bit of strength took root into Sashka. While two days with it on a taiga to a bath of the citizen Skorokhodova strayed, tried to study. Anything interesting. Typical homo debel. What to shoot back - began that. Knew that not to leave the captain Sudeykin, the chief of settlement militia.

Ya as Sashka was killed, took root into the chief at once. At first was upset, it seems not in the specialty it turns out. Then understood that there is no difference between the convict and the cop any. Not without reason at us on a zone said that screws too, as well as we sit. Only on other side of a barbed wire.

Is bad only that companion captain does not respect a chifirchik. More to self-race it is inclined. And at me from it the head cracks. Morning after till half a day I cannot research.

However, I am lucky. I will find to myself one more worthy object soon and I will take root. I will work as Polgodik`s

and home to write the thesis.

By the way, we take root through a lobe of the left ear. This most convenient place. Here, rub a hand a lobe. You feel a small thickening? Means, one of our laboratory already took root. Scans. Thoughts, feelings, desires. But, it is not necessary to be afraid. If madam good luck loves you, as well as me, everything will be fartovo . As Prokhor Petrovich used to say, a kingdom to him heavenly.


the Spanish merchants in the 16th century, employing the captain on the ship, learned - whether it is successful. And if the captain was treated kindly by Fortuna, trusted him a galleon for transportation of gold from South America. The captain carried out the ship through everything a storm and a storm and on the way back it appeared on an island Tortuga beam...