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What to the country - Suifenhe?

As you already guessed from the name, it is about the settlement of People`s Republic of China. But on the majority of maps you will not find it as it is very small town which in the Far East is known practically to everyone.

Suifenhe is located on border with Russia, opposite to the seaside settlement Boundary, on Hugo - the East of the Province of Heilongjiang. The name the city was received according to the name of the river by Suyfun (Spacious), proceeding nearby. At the end of the 19th century on the place of modern Suifenhe there were some small settlements, and only in 20 - e years of the last century businessmen of the different countries estimated advantages of this boundary city - a link between Severo - East China and the Far East of Russia.

After the Japanese occupation (1931 - 1945) unique border position of the city was used not completely, after its advantage lost value at all. The settlement received the status communes also remained a poor provincial remote place up to the middle 80 - x years. The development of the city began at the beginning of 90 - x when the government declared Suifenhe experimental area of border trade . In two decades the multystoried city with a set of hotels, restaurants and shopping centers grew from the one-storeyed settlement.

Today the official population of Suifenhe - about 40 thousand people. It is necessary to add to this number as much again visitors from the most different corners of China. Plus arrives every day about 1000 Russian tourists. In the people this town where it is possible to buy practically everything, call differently: Suifenhe, Suyfunkhe, Suifenghe. But the most widespread colloquial name - Sunka . All business life of the city is focused on tourists - professional shuttles, businessmen, transients and just fans to travel.

In the last twenty years of Suifenhe became for the local Province of Heilongjiang something like Klondike. Here poor Chinese, in hope to settle " gather Celestial Empire from all directions; we help ( help - it is the one who drives inexperienced Russian tourists on shops, shows that where it is better to buy and helps to bargain) or on a warehouse, and also Chinese are businessmen who again - carry goods from all China here.

There is a lot of here and illegitimate children of whom parents try to get rid as soon as possible not to pay huge penalties, in China the rule " works; One family - one child . In many rural families such children who are just not registered live in sheds and barns not to catch sight to some official. After achievement 14 - 15 - summer age these passportless, officially not existing people go to the trade cities and try though somehow to earn on bread.

A huge number of Russians go in To Sunk as for work - buy goods and go home to the following time. As for the Chinese trading here, the majority of them too visitors. As a rule, it is representatives of numerous southern factories, plants, companies. It is a lot of here and the ordinary dealers who arrived at the other end of the world behind trade happiness.

Numerous shops dazzle with signs in Russian, amusing tourists spelling errors or statements it seems Here Vasya " trades; or The Fur coat - a bag Katya . Problems in communication with dealers practically do not arise. Most of Chinese own the necessary minimum sufficient to have a talk with tourists. On any shopkeeper, the taxi driver or the waiter, which though how many - nibud does not speak in Russian, look as at the loser here.

The local population calls all Russian guys and men korefanam and women are called girlfriend girlfriend . In general, Russian in which Chinese in Suifenhe express is very interesting and unusual to hearing of the one who comes here for the first time. All things can be bought as for the Chinese yuans (one yuan is equal about three and a half rubles) here, and for Russian rubles. The price which is quoted by the Chinese dealer can be in five, and even is ten times higher than that for which he is ready to give the goods. Therefore it is necessary to bargain to the last - here it is so accepted, and in it there is nothing shameful.

Souvenirs, clothes, footwear, goods for the house, the technician - here it is possible to buy practically everything. The main thing - pay attention to quality of goods since fabrichno the made things very much differ from manual consumer goods . Life here very inexpensive, it is possible to eat at restaurant at all for ridiculous money. For example, the lunch from three dishes will manage on average 15 - 20 yuans (these are about 60 - 70 rubles)! The trip by a taxi to any end of the city costs 10 yuans (about 35 rubles), evening laying or acupressure of legs approximately as much.

Practically all dealers take themselves Russians pseudonyms because it is very difficult to Russian tourists to remember and utter the Chinese names. It is greatest popularity from man`s names Vasya, Mischa, Sasha and Lesh, from female - Lena, Katya and Marina enjoy.

Some tourists come here not so much behind purchases, it is so much behind an opportunity to have a rest from routine. Cozy hotels, local the Buddhist temple located in quite picturesque corner of the nature, the historical museum, a beautiful greenhouse, night clubs, restaurants, cafe, the massage centers - all this allows to have a good time and at least for several days to forget about affairs.

And let say that Suifenhe is not the real China and what to visit here - does not mean to visit China. Perhaps, so it also is, but the number of persons interested to get to this town does not decrease at all seasons of the year.