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What are gossips dangerous by?

of the Gossip, various sense of an intrigue and distribution of obviously false data were not such an unusual occurrence in the history of mankind. Were engaged in gossips also at the yards of regal persons, and in taverns for the poor, and public institutions (such as investigation and counterintelligence) were engaged in it at the professional level, dismissing a certain misinformation, for the artful is more whole.

Someone finds pleasure in this occupation and if he does not gossip, then considers that day in vain lived. Others consider that gossips are inadmissible and, most likely, they are right. Inveterate gossips consider that innocent slightly exaggerated data add to many talk a savor, without noticing at the same time as they distort the facts to unrecognizability.

And, perhaps, nothing so instantly rivets attention as carelessly thrown phrase: You already heard? . This phrase is followed by a stream of accurate information or fiction at once, and happens that at once both that, and another. Anyway the temptation to share juicy details, to listen to them (or as speak in the people: to rummage in dirty linen ) can be for some fans to scratch the " languages; very attractive. Inveterate gossips have an unwritten law: learned something interesting - immediately share with friends.

Why people gossip? And with what it is possible to explain the bewitching force of this phenomenon? Often gossips are born in heart-to-heart talks behind a cigarette and a cup of coffee. Naturally, people can be interested with each other, to share the pleasures and grieves. And it is quite natural that in the talk people pass to the latest events from life of the friends and acquaintances sooner or later.

Often in easy conversation interlocutors receive the useful information about the one who is going to marry, at whom the child who got sick and so on was born. Certainly, such talk on friends and acquaintances makes an integral part of human communication and maintains healthy human relations. But sometimes lovely conversations pass in most that is, banal gossips which are dictated not by natural interest. One of the reasons why people gossip - desire to become popular, to be better than someone.

Trying to lift the authority, they belittle the dignity of other people, expressing them with condemnation. Some think that if they know history more juicy than that which was just heard also the first told of it, then popularity is provided to them. Wishing to make impression, the gossip always seeks to distort the facts, to discredit someone that on this background to look more attractive. With history which except you so far nobody knows it is possible to do everything that you want. Easily it is possible to remake it after the own fashion, and a tax under any " sauce;.

Gossips are born also where there is an envy and self-interest. And envy, in turn, generates revenge. And it is already unhealthy and dangerous symptom. Trying to revenge (to do a certain harm in the mercenary purposes) to more successful people for the fact that those are better, richer or more talented than them, gossips reach to the point of absurdity in the purposes - become the real maniacs, they suffer, suffer, worry, and, eventually, get sick with various mental and other serious diseases. Therefore gossips are not so innocent.

Rumors, especially about the famous and public people, are carried as epidemic, and already nothing can be done with it. It is easy to notice that gossips can turn, according to the remark of one psychiatrist, in a flame which very quickly leaves from - under control . When it happens, consequences happen pernicious. For example, that occurs if a confidential information becomes well-known? Or what if, extending false gossips, you discredit someone`s reputation?

Deliberately to dismiss or retail obviously false gossip - means to tell a lie. Therefore before telling something about other person, it is necessary to find out: whether really it is the truth? And it is better not to get into others life at all if you about it are not asked. Besides it is necessary to remember that even if the information about someone and is right, it does not mean yet that they can be extended - especially if it damages reputation of that person. Whether there will be my interlocutor, having learned about it, it is worse to think of the person? If yes, from what motives I it tell that?

Motives to tell a lie can have as we already know, various motives. Sometimes even not gossips, but their consequences can send for a long time the person to a medical institution and even to lead to a lethal outcome. Many take the rumors spread about them very painfully.

Often from - for such talk families collapse, human hopes fall, doing irreparable harm to career, friendship and all life. Here it is pertinent to such figures of oral creativity to remind a saying: Do not dig a hole to another, itself you will get to it . Therefore it is necessary to be very attentive and benevolent to each other.

It is possible to pass for the gossip quickly, and to here regain the trust of people happens sometimes even it is impossible. Retailing gossip, people, even without suspecting about it, report which - as about themselves. If the person spends so much time and energy on talk on others, so his life, probably, not such interesting. The gossip as if lives others lives and therefore for the life he does not have enough neither time, nor forces. Usually avoid such inquisitive well-wishers, being afraid that they can do harm.

Usually, at least, two - speaking and listening participate in distribution of gossips. And often people do not realize that, listening to gossips, they promote transfer of harmful rumors, even without pronouncing words. It is obvious that the one who listens to gossips also bears responsibility for distribution of these rumors. In some sense it is worse to listen to gossips even, than to transfer them. Attentively (or even with interest) listening to the next portion of rumors, listening thereby provokes the gossip, it is silent him supporting.

If the person who begins to gossip is close and dear to you, hint him that you would not like to speak about it, and give the conversation another turn. Besides about absent it is accepted not to speak as they cannot get into conversation and disprove gossips. Really, condemning someone for some actions, we cannot really assess a situation as we do not know all details and motives of an act. And our assumptions can do irreparable harm to this person only. It is easier to sling mud, than then to be washed.

Meet, however, in this case and unique persons who extend gossips alone and only about themselves, the purpose to draw to the person attention the interesting object. Subjects of such gossips are obvious - it is excessive exaggeration of the qualities, abilities, or a financial or social status.

But, as they say: nothing is present secret what would not become obvious and when after a while the truth comes to light, there comes the tragedy with all its attributes - tears, arrangements, parting, apologies, etc. But, alas, what you will do here if the original does not coincide with the thought-up image.

If you not the active participant of similar actions, and you avoid, and do not invite on a visit to a similar sit-round gathering, you should not despair because in it there is even plus: it is not excluded that the person who will gossip with you about others will not begin to gossip with others about you tomorrow.

As speak in counterintelligence, without misinformation not so - that is simple to do. But if you are connected to To the World wide web you with this business will have no problems, here it is possible to receive any misinformation what only you will wish: about revolutionaries, politicians, oligarchs, show stars - business, promotion, censorship, a counterculture, hypocrisy of mass media