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What doctors swore? From Hippocrates up to now

Probably, is not present in the world of the person which at least once did not ask for medical care. Sooner or later it is necessary to repair tooth, hurt to treat or there will be a flu epidemic, generally, everyone with the sore runs to the doctor for help, and sometimes and for sympathy. But, unfortunately, affairs in Asclepius`s kingdom now, to put it mildly, not important, doctors need sympathy and financial support, and it is natural that at such affairs by it at all not to problems of sick fellow citizens.

For example, subjects: Relationship of the patient and doctor or Why so everything is bad in our medicine? are not actual any more. Some people ceased to visit long ago medical institutions as the real help almost any, and sometimes from a long prosizhivaniye in waiting list for reception to the doctor, in the sincere company with the patient fierce, it is possible to take also to itself any sore.

It is natural that it is unnatural when the doctor evades from assistance to the patient because that has no money, the profession of the doctor is connected with life and human health, but such phenomenon in medical institutions meets even more often. With development new socially - the economic relations, commerce came also to medicine, baring the ugly forms in the relations between low-paid medical personnel and the needy population.

But also here not everything is so simple. Human relations (i.e. doctors and patients) always had ambiguous character, and seldom who in this case could brag of outstanding progress. The feeling of own importance (about which we, for certain, even do not suspect) often speaks to us: All right, it I, is possible for me, and here they have to and they are obliged (for example, doctors) for it also money receives .

Often, at the first symptoms of a disease we go for the help to the doctor And here us as became already everyday occurrence, nobody waits. Unfortunately, often it is necessary to observe how people in white dressing gowns with undisguised irritation and disrespect, and sometimes and with cynicism treat patients.

Of course not everything, among doctors is a lot of decent and betrayed the profession people, but as the wise proverb says: The tar Spoon will spoil a barrel of honey . Yes, right there both other not less wise and not less national proverb comes back to memory: Love cannot be ordered . Therefore it is not necessary to look for at doctors of mutual love from patients, and to doctors, well if it is so difficult for them to be sincere, it is necessary just to carry out the professional duties at least.

However, the story not about it, it would be desirable to learn from such expert why he chose such restless and difficult profession and as notice, and it is very reasonable, in such cases malicious visitors: And still swore an oath .

Let`s remember about what it is written in this oath:

I Swear Apollo - the doctor, Asclepius, Gigiya and Panakeey and all gods and goddesses, taking, them in witnesses, to execute honestly, according to my forces and my understanding, the following oath and the written obligation:

to consider taught me to iatrotechnics on an equal basis with my parents, to share with it the prosperities and in case of need to help it with its needs; to consider its posterity as the brothers, and this art if you want to study it, to teach them gratuitously and without any contract; manuals, oral lessons and all the rest in the doctrine to tell the sons, sons of the teacher and pupils, the connected obligation and an oath under the law medical, but to nobody else.

I will direct regime of patients to their benefit in compliance with my forces and my understanding, abstaining from causing any harm and injustice.

Ya I will not give anybody deadly means, prosimy at me, and I will not show a way for a similar plan; in the same way I will not hand to any woman abortive a pessariya.

Purely also I will uprightly carry out the life and the art. I will not do to

Ya section at having a stone illness at all, having provided it to the people who are engaged in this business.

Whatever house I entered, I will enter for advantage of the patient there, being far from everyone intended, injust and harmful, especially from love affairs with women and men, free and slaves.

What at treatment, as well as without treatment, I neither saw or nor heard concerning life of people from what should not be disclosed, I will hold back that, including similar things secret.

I who is indestructibly carrying out an oath and will be given happiness in life and in art and glory at all people for ever; breaking and swearing a perjury yes there will be the return to it .

Yes, having read it, the ignorant inhabitant and wants to clasp in the arms, the newly made doctor, in hope that all and will be - the poor patient for whom waits, the sincere and loving doctor that endowing the time and private life will not wait to give him necessary help.

Fondly, of course so to think, the doctor the same person, as well as all of us, with the problems and even diseases, and too wants to himself respect, caress and love, not to mention a salary about which it is a shame to tell someone. Many good experts or went abroad for a long time in search of happiness, or replaced a white dressing gown with the loader`s uniform

And a Hippocratic Oath became formality long ago as a tradition tribute. Besides, any doctor in pure form (by the way, on one of versions, Hippocrates`s feather it actually does not belong) does not give a Hippocratic Oath. For example, as professor of the Donetsk GMU Pavel Kravtsov explained in one of interview, the text of the Ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates partly formed the basis oaths of the Soviet doctor and also - to an oath l_karya which the Ukrainian doctors give. But texts absolutely different. In a different way the oath is called still the code of professional ethics where the principles to which each future doctor undertakes to adhere are stated.

But what difference what oath is sworn by graduates of medical schools, the main thing that they just elementary carried out after that the professional duties. In fiction and movies episodes when the doctor irrespective of the beliefs helps the sick or wounded enemy often meet only because medical ethics do not allow it to arrive differently. But, it at cinema, and in life everything happens in a different way, for many doctors their profession is just work which allows them to exist.

The government turned away from problems of physicians and their social status for a long time. Who wants to strain for a low wage and an absolute indifference to its problems?