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Mission of the woman, in what it?

as an epigraph:

Unmarried has the rights and duties. When he marries, then he has less rights, and it is much more than duties. But when children will appear, then it has no rights at all, and one duties. Aged man Epiphanius.

As today all of us are afraid of it at all there are no rights, and one duties . Here one of my colleagues in the article answered the question Why it is possible not to want to have children? . And I, will try to tell about mission of the woman and to answer opposite: Why it is necessary to want to have children Or in what mission of the woman .

The woman - mother. Today it actually became an anachronism. Modern woman it: beauty and showiness, enterprise and a business grasp, ability to stand for itself, - in a word bitch as she is called in many fashionable books on everyday psychology. Today women came to all man`s spheres, but allow and who will give birth to children? It is not thoughtless to give birth: only for the sake of reproduction similar. And, having given rise, to bring up, care, cherish, to foster, create the new person, assimilating to the Creator, the child is a clean sheet of paper that we will write on it is mute, will be.

So where that primordially female quality - sacrifice which helped our grandmothers to keep a family at any everyday not weathers and even revolutionary storms? The motherhood is the big victim, but it and a mysterious, great and sacred state. Who will argue that in the woman`s hands huge influence on all and kind, and mankind deeds of evil. But it can bring most of all benefit when life of the woman is corresponding to her appointment. So in what its appointment?

Without going into unnecessary details: mission of the woman in love. But the love happens different. One waits for the victim from the one who loves, another, on the contrary, is ready to endow for the sake of darling. These two loves sometimes do not live separately. Any woman knows both that and another. We are happy when we are loved, we enjoy this feeling. But also to sacrifice itself it is live requirement and what to hide, it is the law of female essence put in us by the nature. The love of the woman and the major form - maternal love in all centuries were extolled by poets.

Why maternal love the most important form of female love? Yes because all of us are people - the person are stuck together from one test. Everything, all and those who take off from themselves the last shirt to help the neighbor, and those who without deliberating will take away the last piece of bread from the orphan. And here as it turns out, the maternal love can help the new little man to become the Person! And its absence - to make of it cattle. Vital examples of salutariness of maternal love huge set. And just female love is capable to work wonders too.

But, alas. Female observation which is so necessary to bring up the child, sometimes becomes empty curiosity. Mind and an insight turn into slyness. Natural tenderness - in frivolity and a coquetry. Even ability to influence other person ceased to serve education and was transformed to an intriguing. The woman`s instinct - hostesses, fairies of a home disappeared. On its place thirst of individual wellbeing, egoism appeared.

What is for the woman unwillingness to create a family, to have children, or unwillingness to have more than one child. It, in fact, also - egoism. That egoism which prevents the person to be rather happy. And parents of the only thing the child to whom the best toys are bought clothes and other things, bring up the egoist. And subsequently, may be, that this child, having estimated a situation from a position of the personal, selfish interests, will refuse to help something to parents. And nobody except them, the father and, first of all, mother, will be guilty that the child grew up not the Person, and cattle.

And, finally. The child should be loved very much, without looking at anything on any everyday difficulties and household problems. To love since that moment when the child only arose. To love and not to allow uniform thought that this baby is not desired untimely and will add to parents of excess problems. It is necessary to want the child. He will feel it and will remember on all the future life.

Love to you, lovely women and dear men. And wisdom!