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What executed Saddam Hussein for, or In Baghdad everything is restless

Hasty - the fussy holiday execution of Saddam Hussein entirely directed by Americans brought it to the level of the national hero, fighter and martyr for Muslim belief. Hussein was hung up in several minutes before muezzins called Muslims for the morning prayer marking the termination of month Ramadan and the beginning of a festival of the first meal after fast. Thus, formally religious custom was observed and execution allegedly did not sadden a Muslim holiday.

Bush, without hiding pleasure, - and as, another victory of the American democracy! - called Saddam`s execution - the dictator, the despot, the satrap and the tyrant - the next step on the way of Iraq to democracy . It is impossible to savor so joyfully violent death of the person if this person - prostrate the enemy!

By the way, by results of the sociological survey which is recently conducted in America, 40% of Americans put the U.S. President George Bush on the first place in the " list; main villains . Here Bush strongly overtook terrorist number one Osama bin Laden and former president of Iraq Saddam Hussein.

To Saddam`s identity, in the history of the world and Iraq it is possible to treat his role differently. But what nobody can refuse to it, is in the advantage and courage. Worthy behavior of Saddam during arrest (when he was arrested, Saddam, though was armed cap-a-pie, did not show any resistance, at the same time he just told: My name is Saddam Hussein! ) vessels and executions it is free - or involuntarily - causes to it respect.

The American military with pride savoured Saddam`s taking. The whole world was flown by shots on which the doctor in rubber gloves felt the head of the acquired, grown old overthrown dictator and recalculated his teeth. Later, when trial began, Saddam changed. During sanitary processing to it violently shaved a beard, but in prison it released it again. Instead of the famous person in the well-known military uniform, in the well-known beret and with the well-known moustaches - in the courtroom before public the majestic imposing old man in a snow-white shirt with a turn-down collar which it is proud, without fear and reproach unexpectedly appeared, looked at the judges through a prison lattice and in response to their questions plentifully poured aphorisms and quotes from the Koran.

June 30, 2004. Saddam Hussein together with 11 members of the baasistsky mode (including being the prime minister - the minister Tarik Aziz and the Minister of Defence Sultan Hashimi) was transferred to the Iraqi authorities, and already on July 1 in Baghdad the first court session in the matter of ex-the president to whom charges of crimes against humanity and war crimes were brought took place. Among the last, in particular, - destruction about 5 thousand Kurds - representatives of the tribe of Barzani in 1983, use of the chemical weapon against Halabadzhi`s inhabitants in 1988 (led to death also of about 5 thousand people), implementation of the military operation Al - Anfal in 1988 (destruction about 80 Kurdish villages), an initiation of war with Iran in 1980 - 1988 and aggression against Kuwait in 1990

Trial of Saddam, according to the most authoritative international human rights organizations, took place with numerous violations. Did not show to protection documents which charge gave as proofs, continually expelled the defendant from a conference hall for his especially witty statements to the accusers and judges. The first team of lawyers of Hussein was dismissed even prior to judicial proceedings, new lawyers first of all doubted legitimacy of court, and then them and witnesses of protection began to abduct and kill. On Saddam in the courtroom with fists unknown several times rushed. In February Saddam went on hunger strike in protest at improper treatment with it.

Trial over Saddam Hussein took place in Baghdad in the territory of base of armed forces of the USA Camp Viktori the closed zone of the international airport located in. November 5, 2006. To gardens Hussein was sentenced to death through hanging on a charge of punishment over 148 Shiites, made in 1982. in Ad - Dudzheyle (in addition, several days later one more trial of ex-the president - on the case of genocide of Kurds at the end of 1980 - x was initiated) . Lawyers submitted the appeal subsequently rejected by judicial authorities of the country. On December 26, 2006 the appellate court of Iraq upheld a sentence and decided to carry out it within 30 days, and on December 29 published already official resolution on execution.

Before Saddam`s execution his farewell letter in which he called the people of Iraq and all people " was published; to forget about hatred because it does not leave an opportunity to be fair, blinds and deprives of reason . Saddam`s execution (by the way, Americans did not allow it to live 4 months to 70 - summer anniversary) did not leave indifferent anybody. In the Muslim world it caused not only mass riots and slaughter, but also a wave of suicides - especially among teenagers! - in solidarity. This phenomenon was already called Saddam`s syndrome .

When - per day after Hussein`s execution - the death toll as a result of acts of terrorism of the American soldiers exceeded 80 people, Bush responded to it with the statement that there will be new difficulties, and from Americans the self-sacrifice for progress of young Iraqi democracy " is still required;.

Some mass media already suggested to call 2006 - year when dictators " left; or year of departure of four dictators : in the left year Saparmurat Niyazov, Augusto Pinochet, Slobodan Milosevic, Hussein died. The status of the dictators who went to a better world strongly differed: Niyazov left as lifelong president and father of all Turkmen Pinochet - as the suspect of political murders, Milosevic - as accused of war crimes, Hussein - as certainly guilty of those.

In war with Iraq and Afghanistan Americans got stuck, as in a bog. The death toll in Iraq of the American soldiers already exceeded 3 thousand people. Simple Americans do not want to die in Iraq therefore cases of desertion and " became frequent; self-arrow : soldiers consider that it is better to come back home with a shame and wound, than hero but in " zinc;. History never, and to nothing teaches anybody! It is impossible to be at war with Muslims, without knowing their religion, philosophy, history, outlook Especially as they are at war for the Homeland, and Americans, as always, for the democracy, but, as always, on others earth.

Now to the arena there is Iran. Means, the line for portion of the American democracy reached also Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Who`s next?.