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Whether the people believing now?

belief are not Now important an element which each person has and is obligatory for everyone . Today at many it - is simple or a cross on breasts, or senseless " words; Yes!!! I believe in God . Only material, so to speak, trifles nowadays associate with these people that, greatest spiritual heritage which has to stand above all in life. Unfortunately, it now far not so at most of the population. And whether it is possible then, in general, normal life if the person does not trust in anything and cannot trust? Whether the mankind in life will be able to move ahead further if the younger generation has no belief, and it is not capable to trust? Absence of belief results in lack of a way to lives and to impossibility of its choice. It is worth looking at present youth - well on what it probably? Same some crowd But the most terrible that in mankind - that absence of belief already it began to be brought up in people and with each generation this education covers more and more territories on Earth. It occurs in big cities (the capitals, the large regional centers etc.) more often . As the people living in provinces and villages are almost deprived of those material benefits which are inherent in residents of the cities, and more are engaged the spiritual, cultural and moral self-improvement. Probably, it is the main reason for such decline of spirituality at most of residents of the capitals and cities.

But all - some people give up hope that all - the world will not wallow finally in " dirt; in which it now sinks . These are people the believers understanding what occurs around. These people understood the true way and appointment in this life, and followed this way. And only they can correct here it and anybody other.

It is necessary to seek to become here such people - the real people who understood and passed life. And to what the majority aspires??? When you see youth ideals - it becomes ridiculous. And when you understand what will lead everything " to; it - that there is a wish to cry

It is unclear what people aspire to? It is unclear, why they aspire to to it ? And what is chosen by people in this life? Instead of trying to enjoy life to the full, people take only remains . Them life even it is impossible to call life. This existence, but not life. Because people take from life only what is necessary for implementation of their material requirements. And it is the trifle