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Whether the man pays for abortion of the woman?

Most of people are sure: if to interrupt undesirable pregnancy about three months, then it will not do any harm to health. Like, during this period in an organism of the woman there is not a child, but not created fruit. All this is no more, than delusion.

For physicians not a secret that exists defined schedule formations of bodies of future child. For example, by fourth week heart, on the fifth - bronchial tubes and lungs appears, on the eighth - process of creation of extremities comes to the end, during the same period the central nervous system is formed. Besides by science it is already proved that development of a germ happens in the defined power sex which appears hardly with division of the first two cages. From the very first day of pregnancy of the power engineering specialist of an embryo all female organism forces to be reconstructed

So essential difference between pass - abortion (vacuum) and actually abortion is not present. Destroying an embryo by means of vacuum, the physician relieves the woman only of a physical body of future child. And where at the same time its powerful power disappears? It remains in the woman`s body! I call this phenomenon aura of death . Even pass - abortion leaves power trace which does notable harm to the genetic device of both the woman, and those men with whom she enters the sexual relations.

- And men - then and? - men will ask. To us not to give birth

In that is continually that men pay off too. Let`s say pregnancy is interrupted during formation of heart of an embryo. It is quite probable that any more not existing germ will revenge the man, not without participation of which the woman decided on abortion, the fact that at the sexual partner of the woman biochemical reactions will change and will give start warmly - to a vascular disease. But the most terrible that after abortion sooner or later in parallel bodies of the adult cancer cells begin to develop. It occurs from - for the fact that the electromagnetic field of the destroyed little person, the aura of death, begins to change cells of mother, the biological father or stranger for the uncle`s fruit. Most often, similar punishment is inevitable. So oncology, in my opinion, nothing else, as a revenge of not been born child to the murderers. And tool much more perfect, than all human laws.

the Conclusion from all aforesaid: you want to have the healthy child? Do not do abortions.

Not a secret also that the oncology promptly looks younger, especially there are a lot of diseases of system of blood formation. It strikes absolutely still young organisms, those girls and boys who did not experience all delights of adulthood yet. However, physicians will not allow to tell lies: percent of women who, having become pregnant the first child, give birth to him it is insignificant it is small, especially presently. On the contrary, representatives of the beautiful field, having found in itself interesting situation most often seek to get rid from undesirable burden . We talk about official abortions. But not everyone to decide to see a doctor. What is only not used - both tranquilizers, and huge doses of alcohol, and jumps from height of 2-3 meters!

Nobody knows that the child very sensitively reacts to it! Having faced with treachery mothers, he battles for the existence and often wins! At the same time, sometimes sacrificing the health.

Let`s say the woman realized the wrongfulness, it was re-educated she to regret and very much wants to become pregnant and give birth to the healthy normal child. But, unfortunately, chances of it, naturally, are reduced. If the first pregnancy did not come to the end with childbirth, in the woman`s uterus all the same there is a genetic failure, and at the second or third child the probability that it can adopt problems of the not born brother or the sister is high. Even if will not get rid of it, it will have congenital defects, a bunch of those diseases on which flight of the first little man was interrupted. In something it reminds the damaged groove of an old plate. How many do not twist, failure all the same happens and all the time on the same place

Though I and I do not exclude option when corrected the power of the second child will manage to overcome the fragmentary wave wound left during murder of the first.

A can advise all those women who want to get rid by hook or by crook of undesirable pregnancy the following:

First of all to think of responsibility of this step. Signing a sentence to future kid, you, first of all, sign a sentence to yourself and those people who are dear to you. It is not excluded that now you are in a critical situation, in life no gleam is visible, the child can take away from you darling and you never know what weighty reasons. Stop! Even if the sky is tightened by gray cumulonimbus clouds, it does not mean that the Sun forever left. It surely will appear