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How to choose a fur coat or whether there Can be a stuff precious?

Stuff in Russia called furs. Fur - the most ancient material applied to production of clothes. Still primitive people carried it, and not for prestige and to be warmed. Before a skin got on hunting. Now it is enough to go to shop. But whether we will be able to buy good fur there?

Sale of the Shanghai leopards

learned to Forge furs long ago. In the Middle Ages in Russia furs replaced money, well and forged them as money. Later substitution of expensive bellows became the mass phenomenon.

Here that wrote Orenburg newspaper in December, 1898: We are told what in the city appeared lately many Tatars selling under the guise of fox and other valuable bellows colored hare furs, entering into deception of inexperienced buyers. The eyewitness tells that the peasants who brought bread on his eyes being fond of favorable purchase, gave the most part of the revenue: low cost of purchase and as it is bitter probably after disappointment is so tempting!

A, how many the low-quality forged fur production in Russia? Alas, figures are absolutely imperceptible. Any statistics is extremely doubtful. The irrepressible imagination of swindlers invents unprecedented animals and the nonexistent countries if only to flog to trustful buyers expensive fur from cat`s skins. So Mexican jerboas and Shanghai leopards not such invention.

A rabbit to a rabbit discord

the cheapest fur - a rabbit. One of the most expensive - too a rabbit rather his distant relative - a chinchilla. A fur coat from a chinchilla - special chic. More expensive it, perhaps, only sable. Also roads of a fur coat from a lynx, a seal, a fox are effective. Minks are in stable demand. It is durable, moderately expensive fur.

Will best of all protect furs from cold northern animals: reindeer, polar fox. Not bad the bear, a wolf, a raccoon dog heat. And if where you live, is more often it is raining in the winter, buy a fur coat from one of water animals - a beaver, an otter, a nutria.

Fur durability - one of the most important indicators of quality. If you often change clothes styles, you will suit both a fox, and a nutria, and a groundhog - term their socks of 4 - 5 seasons. But if you the adherent of traditions also consider that you are not so rich to buy cheap things, choose fur coats from an otter, a beaver, a cat - you for certain will be able to sport them 15 - 20 years.

Natural color of fur can be a miscellaneous. Only at a mink it is possible to count up to 12 primary colors. And colored furs strike with a variety. Here you look, furs of orange, karminny, blue, green color. And here, you see how through dark ostevy hairs appears through subguns of golden color. This also is soft " gold;.

How most to be convinced that fur qualitative?

Quality of fur is estimated on its beauty, length, density and color. Pay also attention to gloss, an ostistost, durability and elasticity of fur.

Well dressed fur is softer and easier same, but not qualitative. But softness of fur does not mean it quality yet - at a cheap rabbit the fur is nearly softer any other. At valuable fur animals fur elastic. Squeeze, crumple fur in a hand - as soon as you release a hand, the good fur will be straightened and on it there will be no trace left from your touch. At the same time the fur should not crack, a crash - result of disgusting manufacture. Blow on fur. The hair has to be a uniform color, the dense underfur has to be visible. Shchipnite fur. If on your hands there are fibers, the fur coat in a year " means; will grow bald . Look at a skin from a wrong side. At good fur coats the lining is not sewn from below. Otherwise fur pieces, most likely, are simply pasted on fabric. It is not a fur coat any more. The back of not colored fur, an inner side, has to be white. If it yellow - fur old.

How to secure itself against purchase of a low-quality fur coat? As the price of a good fur coat is commensurable

with car cost, it is necessary to treat purchase seriously. In - the first, it is better to buy expensive, but good fur coat, than a cheap fake. Good will serve ten years, and the cheap stuff will deteriorate through a season. In - the second, carefully to choose shop. Well and, at last, it is necessary to buy not most, and to take with itself the person expert in bellows, or, simply having a similar fur coat - he will easier define product shortcomings if they are.

The known shop too not the guarantee, but hope is. As a last resort, if you keep the check, then will be able to exchange defective goods, or to return money. Good shops in the capital no more than two - three tens. As a rule, they buy the goods at auctions abroad. In the others chance to make successful purchase 1:100. On markets of high-quality production is not present at all.