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How it is correct to ride a bicycle?

Morning, traffic jams, crowded city transport In the winter we cannot do anything with it, but as soon as long-awaited heat comes, and roads dry up, we have a pleasant and useful alternative - our two-wheeled friend the bicycle which it is possible not only to ride on paths and footpaths of city park, but also to move rather effectively on the city, having gone, for example, to work or to shop.

Questions of acquisition of the bicycle demand separate article, and maybe the small book therefore we will consider that we already have a bicycle. At the same time it is very good if it is equipped with gear shifting devices which allow to move with a much bigger speed and more effectively to use efforts of our legs. It is also desirable to equip the bicycle with a call, it very much will facilitate interaction with pedestrians.

Any departure by bicycle needs to be begun with survey of its appearance. All dangling connections need to be tightened, emergency brakes - to adjust so that they did not block a wheel in not pressed condition of levers, and reliably fixed in pressed. Let`s pump up if it is required, tires, but without showing in this case fanaticism - the tire have to be flattened slightly under the influence of the horseman, at the same time driving will be softer. We will adjust a seat so that the leg pressed a pedal in the lower point in completely extended state, then she will be tired less. The provision of a wheel has to be convenient too.

Everything is ready, we leave! But everything is not so simple - we have not Amsterdam and not Copenhagen. It they there for cyclists have separate paths and special traffic lights. And the Russian cyclist can move either on the sidewalk, or on the right edge of the carriageway, observing at the same time as practice shows, very big care. To go on the sidewalk - means constantly to jump on borders and to win space for the movement from pedestrians. Therefore we get up courage - and on the carriageway. Yes, surely having put on before it a protective helmet!

It can seem an unexpected conclusion, but it is easier and safer to cyclist to move according to big multiband prospectuses, than on narrow small streets. On main road drivers seldom needlessly occupy the right row and even the cars parked on it leave enough place.

As a rule, drivers habitually perceive moving cyclists as normal participants of the movement if too slow speed of the bicycle does not create problems. Therefore if your advantage, for example, you move on the main road, then go quietly, you will be passed. I, of course, do not mean thorough autooutcasts who can not concede - here be vigilant. However, drivers very painfully react when the bicycle, slow in comparison with them, begins to disturb them. Therefore if there is such situation, move down on the sidewalk better and you pass into a class of pedestrians. For example, if for turn the separate strip is to the right allocated, you do not seek to go directly - will prevent, and turn to the right better and cross the road on the crosswalk. And here to concede to cars when advantage at them - in your interests. Also observe, of course, signals of traffic lights.

Turn on the left for cyclists is in most cases forbidden, and drivers know about it! Therefore do not try better. At intersections it is necessary to turn on the left in two stages, at first passing the intersection directly, and then to the left, having waited at the corner of a green signal of the traffic light. It is also possible to use crosswalks. If you are going to go round the standing transport, show it the extended left hand, having passed, of course, before it all going at the left. Too it is better to avoid intersections with a roundabout, come around at them, only if the movement not active, and you will not create hindrances, otherwise pass on transition.

Quite unpleasant thing for the cyclist - trolleybuses and buses. These iron monsters aim to press to a border. Besides the speed of the bicycle is approximately equal to the average speed of the trolleybus therefore often the movement with city transport reminds leapfrog: the bicycle overtakes the trolleybus at stops, and between them it appears behind again. In such cases it is better to reduce speed and to allow the trolleybus or the bus to come off.

The main thing when driving on roads - to be careful, watch closely cars and pedestrians, to foresee their possible actions. Then you quickly and without excess troubles will reach the place.

It is not enough to arrive - it is necessary to put still an iron horse in a suitable stall. Here again for bicycles we have no problem, special parkings. Therefore if you arrived for a long time, bring the bicycle to the room or at least to an internal court yard (if it, of course, is possible). If you are going to leave the two-wheeled friend for 20 - 30 minutes, then it is possible to fasten him for a frame to a lamppost or a metal fencing a steel rope with the lock. Locks can be or usual which are closed by a key, or code. If a rope long, it is desirable for them to capture also wheels, at least forward because it is simpler to remove it. But consider, ropes are had a bite by special tools which are carried with themselves by others bicycles hunters so the place should be chosen crowded. Also it is necessary to remove from a wheel all expensive additional devices - a small lamp, a speedometer, otherwise for you it somebody will make another.

Having reached for work by bicycle, you will feel pleasant tension in muscles also will be in a tone all day that, undoubtedly, will positively affect your mood.

But much above you estimate advantages of possession of you by bicycle upon termination of the working day when all your colleagues get stuck in a traffic jam or will get into stuffy buses and the subway, and you will go to ride your faithful Bolivar to the wood or park. Also derive much bigger pleasure, believe.