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How to be saved upon purchase of a jewelry?

the Real gold loudly

First what it is necessary to pay attention to, are a brand, or test. It is the alphabet. But not a guarantee. The brand can be forged too. Moreover, the counterfeit brand is the most widespread attribute of a false product. If you first of all watch what test at a product, then and the swindler will at once attend that on it creation there was a brand as much as possible similar to the present. Besides, not in all countries the branding is obligatory. But if there is no brand, then almost for certain you have in hands a fake. Nevertheless, today hardly only a half of pieces of jewelry in Russia has the state test. The others or have no test at all, or have false.

No, of course, it does not mean that now you in general should not buy gold jewelry. Just you are on the alert and attentively you look at a product, especially carefully from its back party. Whether stones whether it is visible traces of handicraft work are well fixed? If you buy a ringlet, throw it from small height on a counter. The deaf, muffled ring will give a fake. Real gold loudly.

The touchstone for forgeries

Exists the mass of ways of determination of quality of gold whether but all of them possess that other shortcoming. One of the most ancient, crucible method means full melting of a product. It is natural that at the same time it loses the most part of the consumer cost, it is simply scrapped.

For the express - the analysis often use a special assay stone. A gold product draw a line on a stone, near this line carry out several strokes by needles from the reference alloys containing different amount of gold. Then across gold traces carry out by the glass stick moistened with acid. The more in an alloy, the trace from acid is more dark than impurity. Comparing traces from reference needles and from a gold product, determine the true content of gold. The method is good, fast and reliable. However it shows the content of gold only in superficial part of a product. And in depth?

Other methods are bulky and demand the special equipment. And they are not faultless. To define quality of a product, it is the most reliable to address the expert. But where to find it? The assay chamber will not help, there are engaged in large consignments of gold. There are jeweler firms, antique shops, pawnshops, familiar jewelers.

Darling by Valentine`s Day

you Want to present to darling by St. Valentine`s Day a gold chain? Do not buy it from casual sellers: in the markets, in the subway, and even in church. Your purpose - large shops, and only products of well-known companies. Yes, the price of such products is high, but probability to buy a fake less. And still: upon purchase in shop are obliged to issue you the check. If ornament appeared with marriage, the check will allow to replace it or to return money. But there is also it: and a purchase is made in big shop, and test on it is, and when checking it becomes clear - not gold it, and so, costume jewelry. Legality of the seller in itself does not guarantee that his goods are legal.

It is necessary to hope for the luck. Good luck to you!