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How to write the best-seller and whether it is necessary to do it?

Actually, a question it is better to formulate slightly - slightly differently: how to DESIGN the best-seller? It is obvious that the best-seller can turn out only at the person who already have skills of writing of art texts.

The researches conducted in Russia showed that from the point of view of realization in a distribution network the most important is the literature genre. Further there are a reputation of the author, cover (firm or a soft cover) and only on the fourth place there is book contents. All this is explainable: you will not read the book, standing at a counter of bookstore; you will reach contents when you appear at home.

the same researches showed that the least important parameters are a format and volume of the book, its name and the name of publishing house.

In order that best seller turned out ( it is the best of all sold ) it is necessary to have the aggravated intuition, to guess what book is necessary here and now: this year, but not in the following; in this territory, but not on other region of Russia.

However, neither the author, nor publishing house, nor a distribution network can foreknow what book will be sold out in the million circulation and what, eventually, should be let under a knife. All understand that the probability to design the best-seller is close to zero and that the overwhelming part of literary works is doomed to oblivion.

And still if you set a goal to create the best-seller, try to find at the author (at yourself) some mysterious qualities distinguishing you from the huge mass of writers; try to remember whether you possess some unusual profession or a title, whether you have any unique achievement. It makes sense to specify all this nearly on a book cover.

Still it is possible to add that the book is based on the real facts - say, it too well affects the potential reader. Only for God`s sake do not devote the written book to the grandmothers, grandfathers, parents, wives or mistresses. I do not know why, but it does not inspire readers.

It is important to agree with any of familiar directors (and it is even better with TV channel) about shootings of series on your book. Let it will be only the preliminary arrangement, all the same convince the publisher to specify this joyful fact on a cover. Many audience wishes to learn a TV series plot in advance; you look, and will buy up your book. Well, and if series do not remove, well, a selyava!

Choose correct genre. That the best-seller turned out, you should not write memoirs if only you are not the famous politician, the public figure, or the famous scientist, the athlete or the intelligence agent. And here desperate descriptions of erotic adventures will approach as it is impossible by the way. However, do not go too far, here, as well as in any creativity, it is important to observe sense of proportion.

It is useful to bring the main character (heroine) passing from one story into another and, eventually, from the book in the book. The reader will get used to him and will want to learn about future.

It is banal, but nevertheless I will tell that the reader should be kept in constant suspense. Perhaps, it will go to harm to its mentality, but he will read up your book up to the end. For the final of the opus reserve some subject explosion, certainly, figuratively of this word. Or think over that in the book there was a certain innuendo, let the reader will include own imagination and will add your masterpiece independently.

Of the sum of everything listed above there is also a reader`s demand. And all these components work in a complex and as it is represented, sinergichno.

Is unconditional, it is necessary to design the best-seller together with the publisher, and it is good if to you carries, and the publisher will be the person expert in this respect. But the most important, you remember: in most cases best seller - piece temporary, quickly forgotten and not applying for a role masterpieces . And then, whether it is worth spending time for the similar book?!