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How it is correct to relax?

Holidays ended, all salads are eaten, champagne is drunk severe everyday life Began

. And, severe they not only because it is difficult to come to work after long rest, but also because before us the prospect of the solution of a huge number of affairs opens.

At school students now the most difficult and long third quarter, at most of students a session heat

I it no wonder that it is difficult to much to be adjusted on a former rhythm of work, there is a nervousness from - for the fact that constantly you make some mistakes. Nervousness can develop into a stress

Therefore quicker to enter a rhythm and to be nervous as little as possible, it is necessary to learn to relax.

In - the first, it is obligatory for school students and students, on fragile (and maybe not really) which shoulders the huge number of a training material fell down. For them it is important to do pauses during cramming.

In - the second, it will help just all who already began to be tired of heavy everyday life.

So, I offer several options of a rasslabukha which depend on at what stage of fatigue you are.

1. The fatigue begins to overcome. the sleep debt, malnutrition, a nedopivaniye etc. Collects. Easy rest which directly depends on your imagination is suitable for this option. For example, it is possible it is banal to drink a coffee cup with liqueur (either cognac, or cream, - not to mix the main thing).

But feature of yours the kofepitiya has to consist in that you rejected all thoughts of affairs. It is important to choose drink which is pleasant to you.

to Drink coffee (tea, lemonade, etc.) it is necessary slow drinks, with pleasure. At the same time close eyes and try to imagine an own small world where to you it would be good.

Depict to yourself in the imagination all details of the paradise corner (for example, the fantastic crystal lock, with the high round turrets topped with silver domes, standing on an edge of the fairy amber forest on the bank of the mirror lake ). The combination of pleasure from the picture which was born in your imagination and flavoring pleasure will surely lighten your mood.

This way is convenient that it can be used also at work, and it takes not enough time.

2. The fatigue overcame. In this case should relax already more thoroughly. For such a case the good book, a fragrant bathroom will approach. In other words, do what is pleasant to you.

Postpone for a while affairs, dare to do favorite thing. Someone likes to draw, to someone to dance. So take a sheet of paper and draw with a simple pencil the world (from item 1). Or turn on the favourite music and sing along or dance a little. By the way, physical exercises too very much help for intellectual fatigue.

If 3. The fatigue passes into a condition of a stress , here physical activities are simply necessary. The stress is not only collected fatigue, but still often aggression. And it is necessary to get rid of it, otherwise it will go to you to the detriment. Make several squats, or wave strongly with hands, or make jog.

If the stress already collected, then disposal of it requires more activity: beat a boxing pear (if that is not present, then the pillow will approach); by much just it helps to be cried out properly (a problem what neighbors can misunderstand). Or, a good way - fast dance. Generally, choose what will suit you in this situation.

And still, you learn to relax every day. Little by little, but to relax. Get up, stretch, yawn properly. Twist the head, brushes, warm up fingers.

Learn to please yourself with small overindulgence. Buy a favourite chocolate, or smear in the evening with cream all body (especially it is pleasant to girls) if you are not lonely, make it together with the partner. Give yourself small pleasures, you praise yourself for the made work.

But it is not necessary to stare in the TV or to play continuously on a computer. The seeming relaxation only tires your nervous system more.

Enjoy life, and it will please you!