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What is usability ?

In general, such word in Russian do not exist (this derivative of English usability ) however, it is often used to designate in a word a number of parameters of design. To translate it into Russian complicated, and, in fact - it is impossible, not because there are no analogs, but in view of the fact that there is no absolutely close translation reflecting all sides of this word. It is approximately possible to translate so: convenience of use ispolzuyemost polzitelnost - but all this is not close translations.

What is usability ? Even abroad, where experts in this area exist long ago, nobody briefly will be able to explain value of this word. Task usability - to make so that it was convenient and clear. These are ergonomics in design of ways of interaction of the person and any subject - from a jack to the mouse cursor.

In some way usability it is possible to define how a psychology subarea. Usability - it is science in which there are no unambiguous decisions. Often yuzabelnost something can be defined only with the help with the help focus - groups and experiments.

Everything that complicates intuitive work of the person with car - area of studying usability the expert in which has to have knowledge in logic, psychology, design, the user interfaces, ergonomics.

Quite often problems with usability appear where were ashamed to make simply. Originality for the sake of originality, at least, is silly. The unclear product which left creative paws of the designer can speak still the fact that people are afraid to seem insufficiently clever and turn back design to mask, probably it seems to them that will pay for simplicity a little.

On light there are not enough people knowing that in the mobile phone the most important - convenience of a set of number and a communication quality (but not a calendar monthly or detsibelometr), and in the television panel - ease of change of level of loudness and switching of channels (but not the button of control of a saturation of color). And how these elementary tasks are solved, quality of design and " depends; usability .

Problems usability often rise before creators of the websites. To make convenient and intuitively clear interface for the Internet - a resource sometimes very difficult, but all the same, very important! Let`s assume that you do the Internet - shop, and it is necessary to make so that the person, having come across your page in a network, each user did not escape from unclear pictures, illogical hierarchy, the confused hyperlinks and unreasonable time of loading, for your shop - the potential client and simple arithmetic operations over sums of money and calculation of the missed benefit exactly from here follow.

How to define that the website needs completion regarding yuzabelnost ? Track statistics, you have certain problems with usability :

- if in yours a web - shop many people add objects to cart, but do not order goods;

- if nobody responds to your questionnaire;

- if on prompt of the website came 1000 people, and on the main page - 500;

- if goes to the website of competitors to five times more people;

- if you do not receive comments by mail;

- if the average number of the checked pages on the website less than three;

- if

the Illiterate designer can reduce easily purchases of any goods, and all this money! It once again proves that in design there are no trifles.

Count money, the Lord, count money