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How to grow thin for the shortest term?

Let`s talk about diets. You consider yourself full? Likely you consider if is not present, then would not open this article. Personally I do not love the word thick for this reason I very seldom use it in the lexicon. I too once had excess weight because very much liked to eat. Tried a set of diets, but, unfortunately, nothing helped. Happened even that during a diet gained weight.

But once when went to business trip to Rostov, met the old friend there. Met how to be told, talked. And he prompted me this strange, but wonder-working way of weight loss. I at the beginning did not believe supposedly again a “bad“ waste of time and forces, but nevertheless tried. As speak, there is no harm in trying. Especially, when you get out of a bed in the morning, you pass by a mirror, you look in it and you hate yourself for the fact that you are such. You hate this decrepit paunch which slowly but surely develops into a beer tummy, you hate the thick legs, you hate all the body. And here you leave from a mirror with disgusting mood.

And the way consists in the following:

the Diet is called to 9 killogra in 9 days and consists of three steps:

1 step. Is that you eat three days only boiled rice (without sugar, without salt).

If you drink tea or coffee, it is necessary to drink them without sugar. I tell it very not easy at once, and the first step the most difficult of all three.

2 step. Is that three days need to be eaten the boiled chicken and boiled in water without salt. A small amount of bread (a piece floor) is allowed. Also to drink drinks without sugar.

3 step. Is that three days need to be eaten only apples (not very well what: green, red).

And after these difficult, wearisome days you take away result. The main thing after a course of“ treatment“ not to run to the refrigerator and not to begin to exterminate in is mute a disgrace supposedly I suffered the whole nine days, I am able to afford, otherwise all course is up the spout.

It is necessary to remember that in any diet there can also be an overdose. If you were not satisfied by result (and it hardly), then you should not take a course anew because much keeping to a diet the figure even if it is ideal does not satisfy them. It is better to pass it weeks through three,

and that you never know … ….

The way offered by me really works, is checked on itself, the main thing to have will power and to reach the end, then you are waited by success.

And even more often go in for physical culture: run in the mornings, carry out gymnastics or just get up and do exercises. And no fat to you even to be risen.