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How about problems with health to recognize by nails?

One of the most known playful sayings about health, undoubtedly, are considered Michel Krestyen`s phrase: The Healthy person not that whom nothing hurts and that whom every time hurts in other place . Of course, one of the main indicators of malfunction of an organism is pain or unusual disturbing feelings. Speak, the person - a window to the soul, but the person also a mirror bodies. What complexion at you whether there are bags under eyes etc. - all this can be not only the certificate of sleepless night or overfatigue, but also the hidden illness. However there is one more indicator which, according to physicians, is important for statement of the initial diagnosis too is a condition of our nails. Such method is used in the Chinese diagnostics and though it is considered applied, studying of our hands can tell about much to doctors.

The fact that in the winter and in the spring our nails look at all not as in the summer - it is normal and has the objective reasons. Vitamin D which we receive from sunshine only by fall strengthens even very fragile nails and brings them into an appropriate look. (One of the most characteristic indicators of a lack of vitamin D of an organism the exfoliating nails are.) But there is also a reverse of the medal - after summer nail plates are dried up, and it is necessary to humidify them.

By the way, to fruktovo - to berry masks on the person we already got used, but, it appears, nails need to pay attention too: for example, to cut apple and to stick nails into pulp. But from vegetable " procedures; it is necessary to refrain - there starch which dries even more. If you have problems with nails, does not follow (and, it is sometimes so painful) to cut off them at the roots - there are nervous terminations. And the file can be used not more often than once a month, and more than once in day as it is done by thorough women of fashion. That nails were not fragile, advise there are more egg whites and to eat vitamins A, In, With, E, and also calcium, sulfur and iron (naturally, not in the natural form).

Well, all this still minor problems and seasonal useful tips. But how, all - to recognize by nails whether it is time to sound alarm? First of all, it was not lucky those who take alcohol: brown nails is already chronic alcoholism, and yellow - beginning. So if you want to hide from someone the harmful passion, try not to show he (she) the hands whenever possible. But if you noticed yellowish nails at the girl, it does not mean yet that before you - the disguised victim green serpent . Just frequent use of liquid for removal of a varnish harmful influences color of nails, and they get an unhealthy shade. Smoking also leaves the mark on fingers and nails - especially on average and index which we hold a cigarette. By the way, agnails which sometimes so irritate us are, thank God, not a sign of an illness, and just an inflammation at excess of moisture as doctors speak.

It is possible to determine by a shape of nails also internal diseases: for example, if the person has a square nail , it is necessary to be examined regarding detection of an oncological disease. The big convex nail can be an indicator of tuberculosis of lungs, and thin , brilliant as though the nails covered with a colourless varnish demonstrate that you have very serious problems with a liver. The flat bent nail - bronchial asthma; a short, flat nail - organic diseases of heart; the big size of a half moon - tachycardia, and its absence - heart neurosis. By the way, always it seemed to me that men gnaw nails much more often, but it turned out that an obgryzenny nail is an indicator of sexual dysfunction at women besides that it testifies to neurosises and gastritises. Strips and impregnations on a nail - diseases of a spleen and a small intestine; strips without impregnations - intestines diseases; and fragile fillets on a nail are deposits of lime, to know still from where this lime undertook

After such horrors the first that the normal healthy person does - it begins to look for at himself at least one above described sign. However our own diagnoses sometimes are very far from reality, and that will turn out, as at the hero Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog) which, after reading of the medical encyclopedia, found at itself(himself) everything, except a patella inflammation. Therefore leave the suspiciousness - if, of course, you do not notice any essential changes in a form, color and a condition of your nails. Then it is better to see a doctor for now feed an apple or lovingly moisten the nails with some cream. And suddenly they look so shaky only because you just do not pay attention to them?