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What the love is? Each person has

about love the representation. Carry out street opinion poll on the subject What is love? . You fairly are surprised to the received answers. All like someone once loved, all know what is it, but cannot tell words. Roll up eyes somewhere in skies, look for images one more beautifully than another, about soul begin to mutter. To put it briefly, strange this feeling. Mysterious.

There is a set of definitions. And ancient Greeks even thought up separate words for designation of different types of love. About them and the speech.

The Eros is the passion which is burning out without the rest. When say about the person that he lost the head from love, it also is an Eros. People lose control over themselves and the acts, create all nonsenses - especially if the Eros is mutual. The passion just breaks some. Madnesses can reach mutilation and even before suicide are as you understand, in case of unfortunate love. The important role here as you understood from the name, is played by sex.

Over time the passion ceases, at someone it comes to naught, at someone passes into other kind of love that is quite normal. Any, even the strongest fire once dies away, and it is necessary to be to it ready. Many newlyweds are very much oppressed, for example, that they gradually grow cold to each other. It seems to them that it is the end only. Though usually in this case the Eros smoothly flows in other type of love. It is called

of Storge . To teenagers such feeling seldom comes. Considerable experience, wise understanding of life, ability to suffer, wait and forgive is necessary. But a storga, love - the friendship, gives to people the chance to feel as two halves of a single whole. Proceeding from own experience, I will add that to a storga it is possible between people who at first were just friends, and then the destiny connected them love. And the friendship - that did not get to anywhere, it regenerated just, improved, it is possible to tell. I have such situation with my darling.

Agape - this just for teenagers. Signs agape are inherent in the first love. It comes unexpectedly - unexpectedly, and, apparently, that the whole world became another at once, was as if halved: in the presence of object of love it is light and fine, without it - is boring and sad. Agape - very strong feeling, though is weaker than an Eros. The sexual inclination in this case has the hidden character, love and sexuality are separated from each other. But the lover is inclined to sacrifice and often itself is afraid of the experiences which gushed over him.

Therefore such love is inconsistent. On the one hand, the teenager tries to be far away from the one whom loves to feel more quietly; with another - uncontrollably seeks to see or at least to hear it. As a rule, agape - meek feeling.

Lyudus is a love - game. Uncontrollably pulls two to each other, but each of them whether is afraid to become dependent on another and by that to seem weak, whether just hesitates of the feelings. Here also they play in lyudus, very much showing that can perfectly do the friend without friend. Today it with another, tomorrow it with another, the day after tomorrow they it seems again together. It is a quite good way to keep freshness and sharpness of the relations, but to balance at such edge - dangerous art. Someone from two (it is more often there is a girl) can have a nervous breakdown. Hysterics, tablets, suicide attempts Be careful in such game.

Pragma is a rational love that, in general, is visible from its name. Pragma is convenient, but she does not give strong emotions, does not push on recklessnesses and in general it is possible to call such feeling love with great reserve. Here everything is classified, everything is predictable and on all questions the answers arranging each other are in advance found. Both are such reasonable that their fathers and mothers, looking at them, blot with a kerchief an uninvited tear. Such couple is represented to them ideal for happy marriage. Boringly, but it is reliable.

Finally I want to remind that you were merciful to each other. Many at a gap whatever was the love before it, do not spare soul left, and just spit in it. Do not forget that we - first of all people.