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What mittens were worn by our ancestors?

Are hard to say with a reliable accuracy when and on what earth that person who thought up the first mitten was born: took an animal skin and made of it warm sacks for hands. Time did not keep a name of other sharp-witted person who brought the contribution in this simple history: allocated a thumb from a warm family, having received a mitten with one finger. Warmly, as before, and to work is more handy.

But whoever were these ancient inventors one is clear: mittens were necessary for them not for idle pastime. Otherwise they also could not be invented, to tell the truth. Boyars in Russia in the most furious frosts did without any mittens: lowered fur coat sleeves to a hem, lined for heat with fur from within - here and all care. They do not have need a hand on cold once again to expose. People simple, labor thought up and sewed mittens. And after a commonalty, rich yes notable began to carry mittens: you will tell nothing, it is more convenient, than long sleeves. Only there were those mittens where as are richly decorated: morocco, eagles and animals of a nizana pearls, pro-boundaries of herbs of grain pearl.

And it was moved at the Slavic and northern people that any estate for a cold time had the mittens. Sewed their bigger part from cloth, skin sometimes from fur (sheep and goat), and in the north - from cervine, dog, wolf, bear, wool up). In severe frosts carried long, leather, almost to elbows, and down hooked still short woolen valishka or valyany mittens.

Called mittens in different places of the Russian land differently: where rukavka, where leather jackets, and where mokhnatka or shubnitsa. Mittens matched from sheep wool, bundles were called or mittens - it the word reached and up to now.

In many provinces did mittens for sale: Vyatka and Vladimir lands, Western Siberia were famous for leather. Knitted mittens - the Nizhny Novgorod, Vladimir provinces. Especially intricate patterns decorated mittens of northerners, those who lived to Pomorze, on coast of the Pinega, Mezen, Pechora Rivers. Did not concede them the mittens made hands of Belarusians, Estonians, Komi`s people. Only in the 19th century overseas mittens in which each finger - the finger as then spoke, - the special room had came to the Russian village. They were nicknamed mittens - pershchata perstannitsa, perschatka also carried generally on solemn occasions.

History of the Russian mitten - the kind assistant in work - is simple and artless. History of her aristocratic relative - a glove, going nearly from times of the Egyptian Pharaohs is much more fancy. Not incidentally mittens sold mittens yes on motley markets and fairs, and gloves - in fashionable benches. The mitten heated, protected, helped. Whereas the glove decorated, represented, testified. Nobody with an angry call said a mitten directly to the rival. It was not dropped incidentally and not lifted, tremblingly, inhaling a perfume aroma. Came to nobody to mind to bring ball mittens into fashion or to replace traditional white gloves - prudish addition of an official ceremonial uniform - with white mittens. What was only not manufactured by fashion with a glove, and the modest woman what mitten was, and remained such. Also carried a mitten more, and she any did not avoid work.

And still you should not feel sorry for our lovely mitten because at this history, as at all stories about Cinderellas, the kind end. Also to a mitten the love and recognition came.

Modern fashion especially involve needlework and knitting. Today, more than ever, the fashion appreciates sheepskin short fur coats, painted scarfs, northern shaggy high fur boots, grubosherstny socks, down shawls - that what proceeds aroma of folk art that grows roots into our past, into national traditions and customs. Not on the last place in this list of a mitten yes of a mitten.

What can be cozier than the Russian mitten? It perfectly looks with different knitted hats on which fashion keeps several years. Mittens and with the fringed shawls which with lengths are wrapping up with scarfs and palatines are good. Tolstoy, grubosherstny, bright mittens approach modern clothes much more, than leather gloves.

So that, the winter did not leave yet, let`s impose much to ourselves and the relatives of beautiful mittens. That poshchegolyat in them to the first thaw.