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What prevents us to begin the business?

the Majority of us want to earn money, but forone reason or another cannot do it. We are fixated on the main permanent job and, it seems, everything suits us.

What disturbs? What stops us?

In - the first, it is risk. Not everyone is ready for risk. To have plenty to lose you? You are ready to risk? Depends on the answer to this question whether you will achieve success.

In - the second, this lack of means. Also are seemingly ready to take the risk, but there is nothing. You will not sell the apartment - a family, the car too - what then in general to do.

I first and second the reason take place to be, but the main thing that we are stopped by another - fear of responsibility. How you think why only 10% of people on the earth hold senior positions? Because it is 10% are ready to take the responsibility, all others can speak yes but actually it will contradict an inner self. We are not ready to take responsibility for ourselves, a family, hired workers.

If your problem nevertheless the problem number two, then everything is much simpler, and, I pay your attention that the problem is sounded as the most widespread. It is possible to create business from scratch and now (contrary to that stereotype that could be created in the late nineties, already late).

I can tell one: as well as in 90 - e, and now business can be constructed also without special investments, the main thing to choose the right direction. Certainly, it is necessary to think globally, to set before itself ambitious goals (and it is correct), but if you want to create a federal network selling audio - video - household appliances without sufficient investments (tens of millions of dollars) having begun to develop with small shop in 35 sq.m, you will reach nothing. If you without sufficient means open salon of mobile communication, you will initially lose to such players as Euroset Diksis and to others. Why? Not because owners of these networks it is cleverer than you but because they, having deserved in the market a certain status, receive the prices and bonuses of goods, they can open without problems 3 salons daily (According to Euroset), at the same time closing approximately the same quantity (the informal report).

Now a huge number of unoccupied niches, for start use them, and, above all - begin to be engaged in perspective business. To speak extremely silly: I will open a stall, I will earn money and I will be engaged in something in more serious. It will never be. Small business, so-called market or sovok remains to that forever. It does not mean that in this business you will earn nothing (I do not know at all how many you want to earn), it means that such business is subject to the maximum influence of external factors.

What is perspective business? Let`s take, for example, a cleaning (professional cleaning). The huge industry developing in Russia it is rather prompt (growth of the market - 500% a year). It is prospect. I always tell that for start of cleaning business there can be enough 18 000 rubles - over me laugh and wave a hand. What stops these people? Most likely, insufficient self-confidence.

In your region something is not developed or developed poorly - study the market and move in this direction, but begin with the purpose, begin with what you want finally. Surely estimate your opportunities, estimate whether you are ready to extend this work.

Business is not only risk. Not only responsibility, believe, it is fascinating. It takes. And so this certain freedom provides that you can work some time at enthusiasm (certainly, receiving money on life ) you can attract the same adherents.

And the most important - do not read books with " names; How to open the business How to become the rich, working for itself . These are books do not bear any practical loading. They are written that they were bought, but not to help.

In my lifetime there was a great number of businessmen who rose from scratch and became successful, there were also those who after unsuccessful attempts of business came and got a job, including in my company. I wish you success in any business in which you are engaged! Approach any business with soul and at you by all means everything will turn out!